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January 30, 2011
Daniel Postizzi

This last Sunday of January , 2011, work in the Aero Club La Plata, early on, in waking and photographic records of traffic in the air corridor directly above the Aero Club.
There was a storm forecast for last minute pm, but not delivered, only clouded the area and appeared harmless Cumulus Nimbus, preparations and plans were re configured for other working circumstance.

The two photos that appear, are consecutive series of 30 pictures, but only two records, you see this UFO. We assume that accompanied the path of Bus Air passenger plane, remaining at a distance behind levente over 200 meters. That
UFO compared to the average dimensions of this aircraft type, is supposed to have more than 20 meters in diameter if it was round or disk, taking into account the analysis of the two photos, but considering that are within the same window of time of a second. Have seen a conspicuous change in position (not morphology) playing that is spinning on its axis very quickly if we consider also the shutter speed of 1 / 800 "with the Canon EOS 50D

Here's the weird aspect of the analysis is not presented with the settings common factor is a UFO combined or presented in rare conditions, it is basically an area associated with two larger masses linked with what is apparently a strong magnetic field, taking into gives account of the level UV radiation. Another point of view different from the same analysis is that these masses is simply power their propulsion system that heavily ionizing the air and affects the surrounding atmosphere.

are working on a comparison with other photographic records obtained and sent to witness and we're surprised that it is not uncommon for there is at least as antecedent ( 3) similar records but this is the first near an airplane, traveling over 1000 miles per hour at 2500 meters. Message to
Air Force Argentina, this is UFO, to complete the investigation in full in this case, data that will be reserved for publication, but the full reports can be requested by investigators.

A concept already learned in the field of UFO research is that these devices can move smoothly and in all weather conditions and even play in any environment with extremes of temperature, pressure, winds, or even electric shocks storms or under water .... experience and testimony throughout history show us in this way and interpret it well, we regret that the old researchers have not yet noticed his strong details that define the phenomenon as in which not only are
"Unidentified Flying Objects," but present abnormal behavior, when compared to developed humans.
So investigated.


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January 2, 2011
Raúl Sokolowski

The Panasonic FZ-40 Raul Sokolowski, is always prepared and ready to record UFO passing through Villa Elisa, CICOARGENTINA, always scan all its material and immediately noticed when content UFO records .

now expose two photos taken with very little time difference, the same sector, made from a sixth floor to an open area where he warned at a glance the evolution of a UFO over the vertical from the railway station. We assume that has to be the same object, but the analysis showed different morphology.
The photos show differences in the adjustment registration, not affecting the quality of the image, only various zoom and shutter speed, being in all cases the optimum ratio with respect to the diaphragm to have a very good and accurate depth of field, object definition to ensure infinity.

In this photo, signed last half a day, you see a UFO on a patch of clouds on a semi cloudy sky. The expansion and the volume effect does not present a traditional morphology, is actually a cluster of black areas and linked by an apparent electro magnetic field, revealed by the analysis and color from where it appears much UV emission and a hot core, side left shows a spherical light source, associated with its source of propulsion.
in black, color removal, which is why there is no effect of light and shade, typical of the big electro magnetic fields, but without a trace of lines of force. Also affect the atmosphere around the object.

The second photo, the two ministers signed, forty, but there are other intermediate records where the UFO does not come out, now is slightly shifted from the point the previous record and more zoom is applied because it more accurately visible to the naked eye, the camera settings are automatic "scheduled"
Here, the UFO is not composed of many black areas, only four (4) and larger, apparently black in color analysis which occupies the lower end has a different color different from other, but they are all joined by an apparent magnetic field and all its surrounding atmosphere is altered, ionized, being part of the UV light.

The material obtained, still under study and analysis and is in the image file to apply the method of ovniología compared with records of witnesses, and that the UFO was visible. There
not provide data in this publication researchers will have all the material available when the research is completed.


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Saldungaray - BUENOS AIRES
January 21, 2011

The next picture is a frame of 30 recorded in sequence, where a UFO appears almost transparent flat type, moving through the power lines.
footage was recorded in several alternatively, in the next shot NO appeared, suggesting that in rotation with the longitudinal axis as it is not visible presents very narrow side or edge.

The shots were taken from the open window the moving van as he was traveling on Route 72 at the entrance to Saldungaray, being a normal practice to take the records in sequence when you cross or pass close to lines lines.
This case is special and did not miss an opportunity as opposed to 50 meters with two power lines.
In November 2009, crossing the same place at that time getting records with UFO moving through the power lines, no wonder the record now, but if the morphology is rarely so strange, large-scale plane.
Another feature that defines it is that every flat rectangular morphology is almost transparent, showing a nucleus with emission of energy in the UV spectrum in solarization analysis showed no effect of light and shadow but the filter was carried volume .
The picture is being analyzed by the team CICOARGENTINA and if there is more news to be published.

The registration was carried out with the camera PENTAX K7, scheduled in automatic lens SMC PENTAX AF 28-200 mm zoom, camera in hand with moving vehicle, making 30 shots in sequence, covering the way the two power lines.

Date; ; 21/01/2011 14:09:52”
          Cámara:                           Pentax K7
          Optic: Pentax SMC AF 28-200 mm
Focal Distance: : 28 mm (horizontal angle) diaphragm
: ;
f/11 mm holes: 1 /500”
          Sensibilidad:                  ISO 200
          Compensación:             +0.5

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Villa Ballester - Buenos Aires
January 15, 2011

The following photographic sequence analyzed corresponds to a short work of waking in the Villa Ballester, north of the city of Buenos Aires. Operating on the line of the flyways of Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, San Fernando and Palomar

The high recurrence of sightings, according to our method of work and many fans may hiso researchers obtain good results with photos posted in forums and blog, saying our work in the area for over 4 years with daily observations and measurements.

In this publication, come on some highlights of the investigation, but the material is still under review by our staff, some data will be kept in reserve to complete the investigation and then remain available to scientific researchers upon request.

In this paper, we use the new Canon EOS 50D camera with a Canon EFS 28-200 mm lens which is the same model used in all other cameras. Was applied one of its best features is that of sealing at high speed while maintaining a high level of quality and brightness and also has a rate of 6 frames per second with a cumulative total of 50 photos.
With this adjustment, I point to the passage of airliners on the air corridor with mixed results in all cases. In the case described is a flash I can see moving around bi turbo propeller aircraft business and applied a series of 30 photos at a time of 5 seconds. Further analysis to download to your computer, showed that only in 17 frames is no record of UFOs, which showed the evolution of a luminous sphere, but while a UFO was discovered type boomerang that came with the plane at constant speed, approximately 500 miles per hour, maintaining a constant distance of 150 feet below and ahead of the plane's trajectory.

On this path, the luminous sphere moved swiftly around the plane and does not appear in all frames. It shows a graphic summary frames the evolution of the Boomerang, it is clear that morphology is not changing, we're just seeing different profiles according to the position it takes to rotate, with respect to the camera.
Shutter speed is 1 / 4000 "(very high) and the separation between frames is 1 / 166 is the second ... please do not confuse it with an insect or a bird, because it is moving at 500 miles per hour

box in this analysis, the frames show another great discovery, at one point the UFO light ball, making contact with the UFO boomerang and are associated, but not integrated together continue a path different from plane out of frame in the frame IMG-2953.
union or point of contact, not recorded, but it happened in the time interval of 1 / 166 "between -2947 and -2948 frame. We can calculate that the luminous sphere moves towards the boomerang at the time, covering a distance of 200 meters and moving from behind the plane downward path and reaching the boomerang moving at a constant speed of 500 km / hour.

The following two pictures analyzed, we see an extension inserted bi turbo propeller aircraft and commercial analysis in IR and UV color of UFOs, clearly showing the difference in their structural composition, are associated non-contact. The comparison of the photos shows a slight shift of position on the plane, in the next frame already outside the box, giving a clear idea of \u200b\u200bthe high speed of travel.

Another finding in this analysis, we call it UFO boomerang, now is not turning from the time that was associated with the changing light field behavior. The analysis
bought with other UFO records, we assume that the light field is actually the source of power or propulsion and apparently it is normal to separate or detach from the body or central morphology of the UFO to evolve independently.

All photos were taken with the same set "Timed Automatic" at a rate of filling of 6 frames per second with the Canon EOS 50D camera, mounted on a tripod and no measurements were performed in the radio frequency spectrum and static environment.

The record position, elevation angle and trajectory are not Data reported in this publication.

Date: 15/01/2011 11:17:00” a 11:17:05”
Fotogramas:              IMG-2934 al IMG-2963
Cámara:                     CANON EOS 50D
Óptica:                        CANON EFS 28-200 mm zoom
Distancia Focal: 200 mm
Diaphragms: F / 5.6 mm
Obturación: 1 / 4000 "
Sensibilidad: ISO 200
Adjustment: , Programmed Auto, orbital tripod


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with this post ...

I closed the "second phase", this does not mean that this space is closed, I will continue my research on the vertical ascent to the moon, calendars, and each time some of you consider it has a way off, and Discovered the moon of course sending it to, I will continue uploading
have been two wonderful years with you, with all that that entails joys and sorrows, people coming and one that goes, this has been a good platform Released ...
as a gift I offer a story my eldest son Aeneas, a short story short story when I was three years ...

" one day I was on a rocket to the moon. the moon and the stars are larger than our country. I traveled, I traveled and traveled. I know that is bigger us.
could see the moon is the largest in the world.
tell me where do I ? . if I could see this whole universe, live here. if I see this I'll stay.
if an astronaut could know the whole universe.
one day I went to college, but I forgot, so I have to go back. the real world is good, but not a liar.
Colorin colorado ...

this story may have been born with my research, it might be good then that is a kind of closure

then dear friends!

thanks and bye !!!!!!!!!!

Lugano to the moon!

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Villa Ballester
January 9, 2011

Air Force Argentina: This is UFO

This year, returns to work in the area of \u200b\u200bVilla Ballester and surrounding area north gives the City of Buenos Aires, by the particularity of having several flyways and commercial and military aircraft have different flight altitudes, depending on destination.
not meant to be a "hot" zone as often erroneously identify some amateur researchers, is simply that develops in the area a very important air movement as was demonstrated after two years of work, you can find perfectly gigantic UFO stationary, as well as the variables Scout fields or fast.

This is a photo opportunity very particular where we see a very fast UFO lenticular morphology. The camera used now is the Canon 15-megapixel 50D, EFS 28-200 mm lens that is approved for this type of record. The data set is most important now, with 60 mm focal length (wide), 1 / 4000 "shutter speed aperture on F / 3.6 and ISO 200 sensitivity. The tripod-mounted camera, pointed at 45 degrees east (on the air corridor of the north end of Aero Park) with remote shooting with a shutter rate of 6.3 frames per second, with a planned total of 12 boxes.
In the study, it was felt that the ceiling was slightly below 1000 meters and calculating the opening angle focal length applied (30 °), we can see a panoramic shot of 600 mere width of 1100 meters.

sense description of adjustment and calculation, refers to the appearance of a UFO lenticular morphology at high speed, such that in 12 shots (2 seconds) this UFO appears only in 3 frames, from the side Left on 1, the second center (photo analyzed) and on the right side of the 3 rd. Conclusion, In the space of half a thousandth of a second, covered a distance of 600 meters, rounding decimals. As much error is considered, it is faster than a rifle bullet.
A tracking radar anti air, high scanning speed with 4-band microwave emission and echo, I could not take the path to the UFO, just by chance, given a single echo, on the other hand when working with the high-frequency Doppler system, can be seen in the spectrograph, the traces of these ships when they issue their own microwave frequency.

inserted in the analysis in the original photo, you can first see an enlargement touch of brightness and contrast, No effect of light and shadow, perhaps because they are moving around and below the ceiling in the second solarization analysis applies and we see clearly that has its own emission of light, but mostly in the spectrum of ultra violet (associated with large electro magnetic fields), confirmed with color analysis, which highlights the core emitter.
There is a gross distortion of the surrounding atmosphere and thermal apparently leaves a trail, to his left, marking his path to the right.
analysis of two photos shows the same morphology and color scheme, just in a different position. The full report is available to researchers.


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December 2010

In December of 2010, beginning of the summer tourist season of 2011 in our country and begins a record statistically very particular where we see a curve expotencial, with increases every 15 days of the movement of tourists.
This news is not new, but the principle rationale for the large number of photographic records with UFO content in tourist areas. The movement of tourists, each with its digital camera acts as a raking the territory on a permanent basis at any time, if we see it from the standpoint of scientific research.

Following this reasoning, based on our statistical method, we must understand that the UFO phenomenon is spread throughout the country and is active all year, regardless of the seasons, weather or other human factors and much less to respond to an archaic theory which expects a surge in 10 years theory than to just be discarded, with our evidence.

Zone in Sierra de la Ventana, at this time is where it begins to produce the sightings, which coincides with the influx of tourists. One of the most visited sites, is "Watershed", located in a private room and usually accessible with a 4x4 vehicle and reduced quota, where the panoramic view is very impressive, but has few right angles to take pictures as the background keeping the landscape.
The picture that is shown analyzed, it is exactly like another 9 sent at different times by tourists who were there, varies the position of the UFO and the people and this is what you really want to communicate, regardless of the photo show analyzed.

The photo was sent Laura Guzzetti, only this UFO containing many I take in the area, while at the stop of the tour. The UFO was not visible to the naked eye, even in the picture it looks quite big and metal lenticular morphology, in the review on the computer, and verify realized that was not a spot of the lens.
applied focal distance corresponds to panoramic, wide angle with great depth of field, ensuring the sharpness of details from the first meters to infinity.
The aperture setting and shutter speed are more than optimal, with great details to make moving objects, especially if they travel a great distance. The sensitivity of ISO 64 for this camera, allowing a quality pixel without atmospheric distortion

the camera used is 7 mega pixel Nikon COOLPIX L6 with the following adjustments:
Camera: Nikon Coolpix L6
Photo No: DSCN 4710 original, unedited
Fecha: 26 / 12 / 2010 11:15
; D. Focal: 6 mm (36 mm equivalente reflex)
Diaphragm: F / 5.6 mm
Obturación : 1 / 600 "
Sensibilidad ISO 1964


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January 7, 2011

Message to Air Force Argentina:


This picture is one of the most interesting from our records of the so-called "UFOs Variable Morphology, photos and videos there are hundreds, generally do not publish because other researchers who will pay more commitment to monitor these characteristics with good results, but from this blog, simply support.
This photo is very special, it was visible for several minutes at the Villa Ballester, was filmed and photographed, showing when the moon passes near, the day November 6, 2008, at 17.48 Hs, and to provide a reference height and size.
It was time to measure the microwave radiation with negative results, although brilliant, had no emission feature in the spectrum microwave high or low.
This kind of area light, but variable morphology, is permanently on its periphery a number of smaller areas in and out of the central body, the feature Most importantly, the spectrum emitted UV light in a pulsating, in parallel, the atmosphere distorts circúndate the object.


The black dial is the normal phenomenon in our records is UFO and 50% of the materials submitted by witnesses throughout the country.
are usually very fast, are near or around any moving object from a plane at 2000 meters or turning around a windmill or a harvester in the middle of the field, are curious explorers that can scroll very slow, but never saw them stationary.
are black for its total absence of visible light emission and so are recorded in photos, but in doing is issuing an extremely strong electromagnetic field with ultra violet light emission also emit a pulsed signal in microwave and leave a trail electro magnetic clear in the digital analysis of electro-magnetic spectrum, with a doppler effect.
not be detectable by radar, because they move at speeds several times the speed of scanning of the antenna and there is no recognizable echo.

The photo sets, corresponding to a sequence record high shutter speed, taking the moon as an object reference to infinity, the area just happened that way, when trying to record the path of a plane that coincides with the position of the moon, so it happened, but that was the least important .
According to the focal length applied, we estimate a diameter of 300 mm and a height displacement of more than 200 meters

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January 7, 2011

DAILY In our research on the UFO issue, we with many curiosities that end up being interesting natural phenomena, all this documentation, properly analyzed, also belongs to the database to be considered as a reference in the comparison study.
As this blog is dedicated exclusively to the UFO issue, should consider not show material is NOT UFO, as it is fully identified and do not want to expose to public opinion, material which can then be misused by a friendly journalist.
But ironically there are exceptions, unfortunately many of them amateur UFO investigators have not yet learned to read and interpret technical information and other case fans and also are the astronomers who never come to see through a telescope or UFO.
believe it is a matter of lack of preparation, because we refuse to believe they are evil opponents or try to discredit material free of original work.

In between, are interested in the subject or directly UFO researchers who are enriched by reading the blog and view our images, including now our old friends, "Air Force" to them is published today a series of pictures showing strange things seem to UFOs and UFO rare, unconventional ... those who are always there and never would be detected by radars operating .

The ORBs
There are many websites on the internet that talk about these OBR, according to the writer's side, proving the phenomenon as one you should also try to attach the UFO phenomenon, given the great morphological similarities, but not so from the point of view of behavior, therefore they are defined as: UFOs ARE NOT THE ORB.
The following image shows a typical ORB, recorded the morning of the first of January while some fireworks were photographed by Mr. Matias Grioli. In this case, is exceptionally big and colorful.

DEFINITION: The ORB are small volumes of associated gas in a spherical shape similar to what would be a soap bubble. The fact is that gas is contained in itself, and maintains its spherical morphology due to electrostatic charges remain united and associated molecules. It forms in certain circumstances and conditions of stability to local atmospheric pressure when it is near 1013 mb.
It is known that the composition of the lower atmosphere is 78% nitrogen (inert gas) 20% oxygen and the remaining 2% consisting of all known gas in different proportions in different circumstances.
ORB In this case, it is estimated that the gas may be neon, or argon or xenon, inert gases, but still able to ionize and conduct static electricity.

These volumes of gas, are 100% invisible and completely safe and harmless, naturally occurring, always. As a gas with different molecular weight, can float in the atmosphere under certain conditions of atmospheric pressure, the condition of density difference, does that deflects the light passing through the frown of his club, but this can not be seen by day our eyes or camera equipment. Changes in nighttime conditions, when it does not receive natural light, but strongly polarized and ionized when you get the flash of a camera flash (plasma ionization) the same thing happens in a common fluorescent tube, which lasts only a brief period of flash output and can only be registered by a common camera and NOT a video camera, except that the atmosphere is bombarded with a strobe light set.
experiments and documentation attesting to this information, is available to researchers upon request.

developed in the area where the UFO research, we must take some precautions when you start working. From early September to late April, is produced in the area of \u200b\u200bwet fields, the development and hatching of millions of mosquitoes, they mature very quickly and are divided into groups of males and females, the remaining low flying to no more than 2 feet above the ground trying to bite every living warm-blooded males gather in droves to fly a bit higher than the females, are very close groups and by far they are observed as black spots or elongated vertical lever or whirlpools whirlwinds.
Within the area of \u200b\u200bthe Aero Club, they are observed other behaviors, entering areas where there are rising thermals and are dragged into the upper atmosphere for several minutes or hours and are no longer dark spots and start to dye the background color of light reflected or directly reflecting surface sunlight, producing light and shadow effects, marking a certain volume. From there, some confusion for researchers, including ours, but all is revealed at the time of photographic analysis.
Given the temperature and type of heat up again as you have basic influence the change in air pressure as a constant to take into account the research work UFO.


One of the basic research work is to use a recording chamber in sequence with high shutter speeds. In the next picture is a picture of 18 photos in sequence, shows the most representative and shutter 1 / 1500 "really high speed, just to get frozen to the object more rapidly, the camera used records 6 frames per second that is, making only lasted 3.
This photo today still the subject of analysis to obtain other benchmark to define the accuracy those registered. Under the extension, in view of a person outside the UFO issue, one would see the flight of a dragonfly, as it has elements of analysis that indicated so, but on the other side and subjecting it to distance calculations, as the focal length used , this dragonfly would have a size of 300 mm or more, because is 300 meters away from the camera. (under investigation)
On the other hand, the information this insect, shows us that does not fly at this time on areas of dry vegetation.
insert your reference in the photo enlarged image of a bird that was settled and 30 meters from the camera, the magnification ratio is 1 / 1 with some trimming, there is clearly the size of what you describe ... ... we'd like to publish it as a "drone", as he likes some researchers describe it ... but it is not, the 15 mega pixel camera shows lots of detail, but not enough to confirm any theories.
I hope some fans who feel embarrassed by the photos we publish, assume that we know of that question and so, and there are thousands of similar photos will not be published, our good faith, leads us to show only what we are convinced, but generate controversy and discussion in all forums

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Captain Mariano Mohautpt
press spokesman for the FAA:

Air Force Argentina (FAA) has decided to create a commission to register and investigate complaints of occurrences of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) in the airspace South American country.
The Investigation Commission's Aerospace Phenomena in training.
Force already has records of experiences that they lived some of their drivers and have not been explained, now take action on the matter from a formal point of view, professional, contributing to its own mission, which is the control of space air ".
The team will be interdisciplinary, with meteorologists, air traffic controllers, pilots and experts in radar, and will be receiving the complaints made by citizens who observe phenomena in space." There are so many complaints then clarified and it ends is not made unconventional "
urged authorities to pilots of civilian aircraft and military, and the national air traffic controllers to report their experience to the agency and also send documentary evidence of unidentified flying objects. Text

FAA press release

collaboration Pay Argentina Air Force to seek advice on issues through military partners of our team.
not necessarily mean agreeing with the conclusions and methods of work displayed, as no mention is made of specialized research or aeronautical engineering or other academic disciplines that can provide important insights.
also believe that it is inappropriate to give participation or military interference in foreign governments, as happened in past decades.

our opinion: The UFO subject should be treated by academic institutions, without neglecting the national government who is responsible for all of the information produced and makes policy decisions
The Air Force Argentina, quite well represented by honorable men serving the country, has neither authority nor autonomy have for any type of planning in making decisions, without entering the direct field of politics. The state continues to ignore its responsibility. for that reason and many others once and clarified in this blog, will work IF, but with observations and published in this Blog.

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Happy Year 2011

fire We do not forget 2010, but thank God, we had a lot of good work that distracted us briefly in the updated blog.

This does not mean that logging activity fell UFO in the work zone, brand general statistics maintained with very minor variations. The records of these dates, are being analyzed and fed into the blog by little pictures more representative of the activity.

Although there are some researchers who speak evil and wicked discredit the blog and our work, causing "embarrassment," I inform you that we are very proud of the work done. Statistics on the hit counter of the blog, so indicate and greed that sail and seek information, whereas more than 400 locations in Argentina and 20 countries around the world.

I want to thank the members and partners throughout Argentina and abroad for the support and assistance received, a great affection for friends and ultimately unconditional special recognition for journalists and editors of infinite blog and forums that make our blog, as permanent reference material.

Finally a special dedication to the silent observers of the military and intelligence services of our country and abroad who follow us every day, demonstrating how important we are to them.