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Vid On Best My To Masterbait

author: Roberto Marín


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Where To Buy Testicals

matías know what ...

so many centuries has been said about this. Many astronomers have wanted to give his theories. For a long time many have spent hours staring at the sky. Saw and was surprised by the changes of the moon. Sometimes big, sometimes small. They say that men spent whole nights watching their weird and quirky devices like the moon, night after night, I decided to change their shape. And men, curious as ever wondered what changed, until a given day, someone said that if the moon was changing as the Earth's shadow. "In the shadow of the earth? He asked all of them. Yes, said this humble man. In the shadow of the earth.
But of course, actually I always had my doubts. Well, almost always because one day I do not know exactly which day, when I was still very young and looked like those curious men to the moon change shape, my father came and told me the truth. So now I tell you what I know: "Night after night, hundreds of small navecitas of many colors with Martians on board, come to the moon to feed and put it so, so, that does not seem fat enters heaven. Well, when you see the small moon, maybe it's because the Martians were to be fed to other moons and forgot about this for a while, but do not worry that it will come back and see the moon grow again. Oh and another thing, when you want to see that this is true, fijate very well because on a clear night you can see the navecitas come again and again to feed this beautiful white moon.

Matías Nahuel Ferreyra

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13, November 2010

An area with high air traffic, in Punta Lara, Boca Area Closed, Municipality of Ensenada, where you work when the river leaves a great beach and we can move to the exit of the Arroyo " Captain "is usually a place with low noise and most of the time is clear and calm. We take time to make short video cameras and watches.
addition to commercial air traffic, this time passing a Cessna 175 of the Aero Club de Ezpeleta with your registration LV-IZE, I accompany with a photographic sequence, this material was controlled in the fall of the PC and finds a UFO moving near the plane's tail Pictured
analyzed, the difference between the tail of the aircraft and the UFO as the result color is noticed that has solid features. 20 photos in sequence in only two can be seen the UFO in the photo was incorporated a preview of the plane where it is plainly identifiable.

Date: 13/11/2010 17:11:12 "
Camera: Pentax K110
Óptica:                            Pentax zoom AF 28-200
D. Focal:                        200 mm
diaphragm: f/11
Obturación: 1 / 800 "
Sensibilidad: ISO 200
EV Compensation: - 0.5

hour and a half later, 18:36:32 "and falling in the afternoon you get a second picture from a photographic sequence carried out a glimmer almost on our vertical, except for this little flash, the results obtained in the photo was completely invisible to our eyes, but immediately we saw on the screen of the Sony.
The analysis after applying various filters, we find a body, apparently solid, emitting its own light, no effect of light and shade, taking into account that at that time the sun still light strongly.
The similarity or comparative morphology defined as a "brick" with tiny little sphere rotating around them.
It is noteworthy that this UFO, captured as a flash, is perfectly centered photo picture, focused at infinity, leaving out of focus to the branches of a tree in the lower left side.

Date: 13/11/2010 18:36:32”
Cámara:                          Sony DSC – W55
D.Focal:                           20 mm
diaphragm: F / 5.2 mm
Obturación: 1 / 250 mm
Sensibilidad: ISO 100
Adjustment: , Automatic

Landing Strip Waxing Image

Testing the Panasonic FZ40
With UFOs in the LCA
November 10, 2010 Raul

Sokolowski tested their new camera Panasonic FZ40, incorporating a photo research teams, as evidence of the effort and dedication to the subject of UFO research.
Continuing the observations at the time of sunset and paying attention to the aircraft on its takeoff and landing practices were obtained lots of pictures with invisible spherical UFOs, the particular sensitivity and definition of this chamber to assess the material obtained much easier and with greater confidence quickly defining the nature of the UFO registered.
It also emphasizes the acquisition of a new bank of images for comparison technique, where birds can find of different species and insects, with different focus positions.

In the next photo, you see a kind of invisible sphere, following the flight of a Cessna 175 plane on a training flight, was traveling at 50 meters above and slightly behind the plane.
general is spherical by definition invisible, but the color contrast analysis is a morphology with some small spheres spin spinning rapidly on its periphery, the analysis also mark which is surrounded by an ionized atmosphere in IR energy output. The focal length is equivalent to 200 mm with an iris aperture F / 5.2 mm and shutter speed of 1 / 800 ", therefore from the depth of field calculations for this adjustment of the lens, it is considered that the whole is in focus, but even the high shutter speed allows you to register an object that is rotating on its axis at high speed. No effects of light and shadow attributable to the sun, despite being fully well lit, when compared to the shadow cast by the wing.
This picture is the best in a long sequence of records, where we see the field moving around the plane and holding the same speed, this time we do not identify the plane, but in fact, is the Aero Club La Plata
Date; ; 10/11/2010 5:02:47 p.m. "
Cámara: Panasonic "LUMIX" FZ40 de 14 Mp
L. Focal: ; 200 mm optical zoom position
Diaphragm: F /
5.6 mm holes, 1 / 800 "
sensitivity: ISO 80
Adjustment: , all in automatic programmed

Vocab Workshop Level E Review Units 4-6 Answers

LCA November 6, 2010
On Saturday 6 were made in November Throughout the day several experiments with instruments of our development including microwave detectors, analyzed the two photos were taken with notice of instruments, with little guidance error.
At 11:36 am a UFO was photographed PNF called for its resemblance to a small cloud, but with very fast movement. Until recently, this definition was oriented toward the atmospheric, but with these results, consistent with other experiences we define now as UFO.

Date: ;  06/11/2010
Cámara:                        Pentax K110
Óptica:                           Pentax telephoto zoom lens 28-200 mm AF
D. Focal: and 50 mm
diaphragm: F / 3.6 mm
Obturador: 1 / 3000 "
Sensitivity: ISO 200
Adjustment: Manual.

A good morning cleared or sporadically with very little cloudiness and a high contrast blue sky, I am registered this PNF away the clouds from which they were seen in or out, within the same plane of focus is a bird that could not define species but is shifted high planning, relating it with the panel of thin clouds, these did not show a large shift, therefore it is estimated that there was not much wind in altitude, but the NFP, was shifted to high speed, emitting a wave detectable in Micro Wave
In the afternoon, at 18:18:30 "as we followed the movement of a plane, again record activity in the detector Microwaves and took a sequence Photo by hand, keeping focused and focus to Cessna. Here's what draws attention, the only picture I detect the sphere is the point which coincided with the backlight, the picture was made possible by adjusting the camera, blocking high-speed, 1 / 4000 ", automatically closing the diaphragm at 3.6 mm. The focal length is 200 mm while maintaining a focus on the plane. At this point the aircraft would be 2000 meters from the camera, but the area much closer and still the subject of calculation. Croatica
Subtraction of the field was increased by the high contrast with the sun, but the analysis showed that it maintained its own UV emission, distorting energetic atmosphere of the area surrounding

Date: ; 11/06/2010 18:18:30 "
Camera: ; Pentax K110
Optical: Tele Zoom 28-200mm Pentax AF
Focal Length: 200 mm
Diaphragm: F / 3.6 mm
Shutter: 1 / 4000 "
Sensitivity: ISO 200

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Various Christmas Cards

the invitation ...

"The moon does not require that the sun shines in the night, only invites and he slowly comes ... "


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All Free Indian Satallit 2010

to achieve it, you just have to stand on tiptoe.

author: Paola Aragon Rocco


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Supreeme Black And White Red Striptes

the shelter of the paty

author: Patricia Gonzalez Palacios

the brush of the paty