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Villa Ballester - Buenos Aires
January 15, 2011

The following photographic sequence analyzed corresponds to a short work of waking in the Villa Ballester, north of the city of Buenos Aires. Operating on the line of the flyways of Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, San Fernando and Palomar

The high recurrence of sightings, according to our method of work and many fans may hiso researchers obtain good results with photos posted in forums and blog, saying our work in the area for over 4 years with daily observations and measurements.

In this publication, come on some highlights of the investigation, but the material is still under review by our staff, some data will be kept in reserve to complete the investigation and then remain available to scientific researchers upon request.

In this paper, we use the new Canon EOS 50D camera with a Canon EFS 28-200 mm lens which is the same model used in all other cameras. Was applied one of its best features is that of sealing at high speed while maintaining a high level of quality and brightness and also has a rate of 6 frames per second with a cumulative total of 50 photos.
With this adjustment, I point to the passage of airliners on the air corridor with mixed results in all cases. In the case described is a flash I can see moving around bi turbo propeller aircraft business and applied a series of 30 photos at a time of 5 seconds. Further analysis to download to your computer, showed that only in 17 frames is no record of UFOs, which showed the evolution of a luminous sphere, but while a UFO was discovered type boomerang that came with the plane at constant speed, approximately 500 miles per hour, maintaining a constant distance of 150 feet below and ahead of the plane's trajectory.

On this path, the luminous sphere moved swiftly around the plane and does not appear in all frames. It shows a graphic summary frames the evolution of the Boomerang, it is clear that morphology is not changing, we're just seeing different profiles according to the position it takes to rotate, with respect to the camera.
Shutter speed is 1 / 4000 "(very high) and the separation between frames is 1 / 166 is the second ... please do not confuse it with an insect or a bird, because it is moving at 500 miles per hour

box in this analysis, the frames show another great discovery, at one point the UFO light ball, making contact with the UFO boomerang and are associated, but not integrated together continue a path different from plane out of frame in the frame IMG-2953.
union or point of contact, not recorded, but it happened in the time interval of 1 / 166 "between -2947 and -2948 frame. We can calculate that the luminous sphere moves towards the boomerang at the time, covering a distance of 200 meters and moving from behind the plane downward path and reaching the boomerang moving at a constant speed of 500 km / hour.

The following two pictures analyzed, we see an extension inserted bi turbo propeller aircraft and commercial analysis in IR and UV color of UFOs, clearly showing the difference in their structural composition, are associated non-contact. The comparison of the photos shows a slight shift of position on the plane, in the next frame already outside the box, giving a clear idea of \u200b\u200bthe high speed of travel.

Another finding in this analysis, we call it UFO boomerang, now is not turning from the time that was associated with the changing light field behavior. The analysis
bought with other UFO records, we assume that the light field is actually the source of power or propulsion and apparently it is normal to separate or detach from the body or central morphology of the UFO to evolve independently.

All photos were taken with the same set "Timed Automatic" at a rate of filling of 6 frames per second with the Canon EOS 50D camera, mounted on a tripod and no measurements were performed in the radio frequency spectrum and static environment.

The record position, elevation angle and trajectory are not Data reported in this publication.

Date: 15/01/2011 11:17:00” a 11:17:05”
Fotogramas:              IMG-2934 al IMG-2963
Cámara:                     CANON EOS 50D
Óptica:                        CANON EFS 28-200 mm zoom
Distancia Focal: 200 mm
Diaphragms: F / 5.6 mm
Obturación: 1 / 4000 "
Sensibilidad: ISO 200
Adjustment: , Programmed Auto, orbital tripod



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