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Villa Ballester
January 9, 2011

Air Force Argentina: This is UFO

This year, returns to work in the area of \u200b\u200bVilla Ballester and surrounding area north gives the City of Buenos Aires, by the particularity of having several flyways and commercial and military aircraft have different flight altitudes, depending on destination.
not meant to be a "hot" zone as often erroneously identify some amateur researchers, is simply that develops in the area a very important air movement as was demonstrated after two years of work, you can find perfectly gigantic UFO stationary, as well as the variables Scout fields or fast.

This is a photo opportunity very particular where we see a very fast UFO lenticular morphology. The camera used now is the Canon 15-megapixel 50D, EFS 28-200 mm lens that is approved for this type of record. The data set is most important now, with 60 mm focal length (wide), 1 / 4000 "shutter speed aperture on F / 3.6 and ISO 200 sensitivity. The tripod-mounted camera, pointed at 45 degrees east (on the air corridor of the north end of Aero Park) with remote shooting with a shutter rate of 6.3 frames per second, with a planned total of 12 boxes.
In the study, it was felt that the ceiling was slightly below 1000 meters and calculating the opening angle focal length applied (30 °), we can see a panoramic shot of 600 mere width of 1100 meters.

sense description of adjustment and calculation, refers to the appearance of a UFO lenticular morphology at high speed, such that in 12 shots (2 seconds) this UFO appears only in 3 frames, from the side Left on 1, the second center (photo analyzed) and on the right side of the 3 rd. Conclusion, In the space of half a thousandth of a second, covered a distance of 600 meters, rounding decimals. As much error is considered, it is faster than a rifle bullet.
A tracking radar anti air, high scanning speed with 4-band microwave emission and echo, I could not take the path to the UFO, just by chance, given a single echo, on the other hand when working with the high-frequency Doppler system, can be seen in the spectrograph, the traces of these ships when they issue their own microwave frequency.

inserted in the analysis in the original photo, you can first see an enlargement touch of brightness and contrast, No effect of light and shadow, perhaps because they are moving around and below the ceiling in the second solarization analysis applies and we see clearly that has its own emission of light, but mostly in the spectrum of ultra violet (associated with large electro magnetic fields), confirmed with color analysis, which highlights the core emitter.
There is a gross distortion of the surrounding atmosphere and thermal apparently leaves a trail, to his left, marking his path to the right.
analysis of two photos shows the same morphology and color scheme, just in a different position. The full report is available to researchers.



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