Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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Happy Year 2011

fire We do not forget 2010, but thank God, we had a lot of good work that distracted us briefly in the updated blog.

This does not mean that logging activity fell UFO in the work zone, brand general statistics maintained with very minor variations. The records of these dates, are being analyzed and fed into the blog by little pictures more representative of the activity.

Although there are some researchers who speak evil and wicked discredit the blog and our work, causing "embarrassment," I inform you that we are very proud of the work done. Statistics on the hit counter of the blog, so indicate and greed that sail and seek information, whereas more than 400 locations in Argentina and 20 countries around the world.

I want to thank the members and partners throughout Argentina and abroad for the support and assistance received, a great affection for friends and ultimately unconditional special recognition for journalists and editors of infinite blog and forums that make our blog, as permanent reference material.

Finally a special dedication to the silent observers of the military and intelligence services of our country and abroad who follow us every day, demonstrating how important we are to them.



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