Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tom Delonge Sleeve Tattoo

More than seen in the EAM.

follow the tour of the facilities of the EAM the 17 / 9!

Face to Face with Brazilian Tucano .

Bell Arrival of the Police of the Province of EAM.

The only thing that came to putting a face to the people was Malattini , and did not disappoint!
Hangar 5 was seen: Piper Seneca PG -321.
Cessna 182 -363 PG.
Cessna 182 -348 PG.
Aero Boero tug PG -451.
Ranquel -424 PG in 4 of the glider hangar.
Another Ranquel tug, the PG -423.
View gliders in the hangar.
and a stash costadito of the gliders the great army Merlin AE -179.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

How Much Is A Fridge Thermostat

left us with the desire! Arrival and practice

And so, all the French patrol our city, step? left us all glued to the Aviation School with a cool day as we put the spotters because in general terms, were all touched means ( organizers) really defrauded thousands of people who were inside, and from outside the facility over which came from other provinces, let alone San Pedro , but hey, we're going with that seen in EAM .

Hangar Tucanero with some surprises!

6-P-48 the Beechcraft B200 the ARA on the platform.
Bell army working with the fire fighting.
stone free to mentors!
The E-097's CEV.
E-017 or E-010, I wonder what and the haha wonder

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

White Birthday Party Wording

Patrol of France! Seen in the EAM

at 11.30 reached the Córdoba Alpha Jets French Patrol, 1st arrival at number 9 and 0, back did the C160 Transall , then the remaining 8 Alpha and finally the French C130, hope you like the pictures!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bang Brothers South Beach

15/9/9. Antonov An2

lot of movement at the School of Aviation, now about 10 o'clock in the morning he could see a Beech of the ARA, the T-100 of the FAA and TC 70 on platform.

Take Off 70 TC towards launching Mosque parachute.

In the afternoon we saw in platform 2 Fokker 27.
One was the TC -71.
And off course to the airport -75 TC.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bathtub Clogged With Concrete

in Rio Tercero! CN235

On Saturday we attended the Third River airfield in order to among other things, view, and if I could, fly in the An2, as there was a skydiving festival! and well, here are the pics, hope you enjoy!

Truly a spectacular flight, CX-CAP enrollment.

The maiden flight was over the city of Rio Tercero, a crazy suspicion plane and both the takeoff and landing, it was without realizing it, the pilot, a teacher!

Thanks to Luis, Ema and Germain were traveling companions, a hug!