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January 2, 2011
Raúl Sokolowski

The Panasonic FZ-40 Raul Sokolowski, is always prepared and ready to record UFO passing through Villa Elisa, CICOARGENTINA, always scan all its material and immediately noticed when content UFO records .

now expose two photos taken with very little time difference, the same sector, made from a sixth floor to an open area where he warned at a glance the evolution of a UFO over the vertical from the railway station. We assume that has to be the same object, but the analysis showed different morphology.
The photos show differences in the adjustment registration, not affecting the quality of the image, only various zoom and shutter speed, being in all cases the optimum ratio with respect to the diaphragm to have a very good and accurate depth of field, object definition to ensure infinity.

In this photo, signed last half a day, you see a UFO on a patch of clouds on a semi cloudy sky. The expansion and the volume effect does not present a traditional morphology, is actually a cluster of black areas and linked by an apparent electro magnetic field, revealed by the analysis and color from where it appears much UV emission and a hot core, side left shows a spherical light source, associated with its source of propulsion.
in black, color removal, which is why there is no effect of light and shade, typical of the big electro magnetic fields, but without a trace of lines of force. Also affect the atmosphere around the object.

The second photo, the two ministers signed, forty, but there are other intermediate records where the UFO does not come out, now is slightly shifted from the point the previous record and more zoom is applied because it more accurately visible to the naked eye, the camera settings are automatic "scheduled"
Here, the UFO is not composed of many black areas, only four (4) and larger, apparently black in color analysis which occupies the lower end has a different color different from other, but they are all joined by an apparent magnetic field and all its surrounding atmosphere is altered, ionized, being part of the UV light.

The material obtained, still under study and analysis and is in the image file to apply the method of ovniología compared with records of witnesses, and that the UFO was visible. There
not provide data in this publication researchers will have all the material available when the research is completed.



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