Friday, January 14, 2011

Mod Mound Blade For Version 1.011

with this post ...

I closed the "second phase", this does not mean that this space is closed, I will continue my research on the vertical ascent to the moon, calendars, and each time some of you consider it has a way off, and Discovered the moon of course sending it to, I will continue uploading
have been two wonderful years with you, with all that that entails joys and sorrows, people coming and one that goes, this has been a good platform Released ...
as a gift I offer a story my eldest son Aeneas, a short story short story when I was three years ...

" one day I was on a rocket to the moon. the moon and the stars are larger than our country. I traveled, I traveled and traveled. I know that is bigger us.
could see the moon is the largest in the world.
tell me where do I ? . if I could see this whole universe, live here. if I see this I'll stay.
if an astronaut could know the whole universe.
one day I went to college, but I forgot, so I have to go back. the real world is good, but not a liar.
Colorin colorado ...

this story may have been born with my research, it might be good then that is a kind of closure

then dear friends!

thanks and bye !!!!!!!!!!

Lugano to the moon!


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