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January 7, 2011

DAILY In our research on the UFO issue, we with many curiosities that end up being interesting natural phenomena, all this documentation, properly analyzed, also belongs to the database to be considered as a reference in the comparison study.
As this blog is dedicated exclusively to the UFO issue, should consider not show material is NOT UFO, as it is fully identified and do not want to expose to public opinion, material which can then be misused by a friendly journalist.
But ironically there are exceptions, unfortunately many of them amateur UFO investigators have not yet learned to read and interpret technical information and other case fans and also are the astronomers who never come to see through a telescope or UFO.
believe it is a matter of lack of preparation, because we refuse to believe they are evil opponents or try to discredit material free of original work.

In between, are interested in the subject or directly UFO researchers who are enriched by reading the blog and view our images, including now our old friends, "Air Force" to them is published today a series of pictures showing strange things seem to UFOs and UFO rare, unconventional ... those who are always there and never would be detected by radars operating .

The ORBs
There are many websites on the internet that talk about these OBR, according to the writer's side, proving the phenomenon as one you should also try to attach the UFO phenomenon, given the great morphological similarities, but not so from the point of view of behavior, therefore they are defined as: UFOs ARE NOT THE ORB.
The following image shows a typical ORB, recorded the morning of the first of January while some fireworks were photographed by Mr. Matias Grioli. In this case, is exceptionally big and colorful.

DEFINITION: The ORB are small volumes of associated gas in a spherical shape similar to what would be a soap bubble. The fact is that gas is contained in itself, and maintains its spherical morphology due to electrostatic charges remain united and associated molecules. It forms in certain circumstances and conditions of stability to local atmospheric pressure when it is near 1013 mb.
It is known that the composition of the lower atmosphere is 78% nitrogen (inert gas) 20% oxygen and the remaining 2% consisting of all known gas in different proportions in different circumstances.
ORB In this case, it is estimated that the gas may be neon, or argon or xenon, inert gases, but still able to ionize and conduct static electricity.

These volumes of gas, are 100% invisible and completely safe and harmless, naturally occurring, always. As a gas with different molecular weight, can float in the atmosphere under certain conditions of atmospheric pressure, the condition of density difference, does that deflects the light passing through the frown of his club, but this can not be seen by day our eyes or camera equipment. Changes in nighttime conditions, when it does not receive natural light, but strongly polarized and ionized when you get the flash of a camera flash (plasma ionization) the same thing happens in a common fluorescent tube, which lasts only a brief period of flash output and can only be registered by a common camera and NOT a video camera, except that the atmosphere is bombarded with a strobe light set.
experiments and documentation attesting to this information, is available to researchers upon request.

developed in the area where the UFO research, we must take some precautions when you start working. From early September to late April, is produced in the area of \u200b\u200bwet fields, the development and hatching of millions of mosquitoes, they mature very quickly and are divided into groups of males and females, the remaining low flying to no more than 2 feet above the ground trying to bite every living warm-blooded males gather in droves to fly a bit higher than the females, are very close groups and by far they are observed as black spots or elongated vertical lever or whirlpools whirlwinds.
Within the area of \u200b\u200bthe Aero Club, they are observed other behaviors, entering areas where there are rising thermals and are dragged into the upper atmosphere for several minutes or hours and are no longer dark spots and start to dye the background color of light reflected or directly reflecting surface sunlight, producing light and shadow effects, marking a certain volume. From there, some confusion for researchers, including ours, but all is revealed at the time of photographic analysis.
Given the temperature and type of heat up again as you have basic influence the change in air pressure as a constant to take into account the research work UFO.


One of the basic research work is to use a recording chamber in sequence with high shutter speeds. In the next picture is a picture of 18 photos in sequence, shows the most representative and shutter 1 / 1500 "really high speed, just to get frozen to the object more rapidly, the camera used records 6 frames per second that is, making only lasted 3.
This photo today still the subject of analysis to obtain other benchmark to define the accuracy those registered. Under the extension, in view of a person outside the UFO issue, one would see the flight of a dragonfly, as it has elements of analysis that indicated so, but on the other side and subjecting it to distance calculations, as the focal length used , this dragonfly would have a size of 300 mm or more, because is 300 meters away from the camera. (under investigation)
On the other hand, the information this insect, shows us that does not fly at this time on areas of dry vegetation.
insert your reference in the photo enlarged image of a bird that was settled and 30 meters from the camera, the magnification ratio is 1 / 1 with some trimming, there is clearly the size of what you describe ... ... we'd like to publish it as a "drone", as he likes some researchers describe it ... but it is not, the 15 mega pixel camera shows lots of detail, but not enough to confirm any theories.
I hope some fans who feel embarrassed by the photos we publish, assume that we know of that question and so, and there are thousands of similar photos will not be published, our good faith, leads us to show only what we are convinced, but generate controversy and discussion in all forums


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