Friday, January 7, 2011

Stores That Offer Layaways

January 7, 2011

Message to Air Force Argentina:


This picture is one of the most interesting from our records of the so-called "UFOs Variable Morphology, photos and videos there are hundreds, generally do not publish because other researchers who will pay more commitment to monitor these characteristics with good results, but from this blog, simply support.
This photo is very special, it was visible for several minutes at the Villa Ballester, was filmed and photographed, showing when the moon passes near, the day November 6, 2008, at 17.48 Hs, and to provide a reference height and size.
It was time to measure the microwave radiation with negative results, although brilliant, had no emission feature in the spectrum microwave high or low.
This kind of area light, but variable morphology, is permanently on its periphery a number of smaller areas in and out of the central body, the feature Most importantly, the spectrum emitted UV light in a pulsating, in parallel, the atmosphere distorts circ├║ndate the object.


The black dial is the normal phenomenon in our records is UFO and 50% of the materials submitted by witnesses throughout the country.
are usually very fast, are near or around any moving object from a plane at 2000 meters or turning around a windmill or a harvester in the middle of the field, are curious explorers that can scroll very slow, but never saw them stationary.
are black for its total absence of visible light emission and so are recorded in photos, but in doing is issuing an extremely strong electromagnetic field with ultra violet light emission also emit a pulsed signal in microwave and leave a trail electro magnetic clear in the digital analysis of electro-magnetic spectrum, with a doppler effect.
not be detectable by radar, because they move at speeds several times the speed of scanning of the antenna and there is no recognizable echo.

The photo sets, corresponding to a sequence record high shutter speed, taking the moon as an object reference to infinity, the area just happened that way, when trying to record the path of a plane that coincides with the position of the moon, so it happened, but that was the least important .
According to the focal length applied, we estimate a diameter of 300 mm and a height displacement of more than 200 meters


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