Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Saldungaray - BUENOS AIRES
January 21, 2011

The next picture is a frame of 30 recorded in sequence, where a UFO appears almost transparent flat type, moving through the power lines.
footage was recorded in several alternatively, in the next shot NO appeared, suggesting that in rotation with the longitudinal axis as it is not visible presents very narrow side or edge.

The shots were taken from the open window the moving van as he was traveling on Route 72 at the entrance to Saldungaray, being a normal practice to take the records in sequence when you cross or pass close to lines lines.
This case is special and did not miss an opportunity as opposed to 50 meters with two power lines.
In November 2009, crossing the same place at that time getting records with UFO moving through the power lines, no wonder the record now, but if the morphology is rarely so strange, large-scale plane.
Another feature that defines it is that every flat rectangular morphology is almost transparent, showing a nucleus with emission of energy in the UV spectrum in solarization analysis showed no effect of light and shadow but the filter was carried volume .
The picture is being analyzed by the team CICOARGENTINA and if there is more news to be published.

The registration was carried out with the camera PENTAX K7, scheduled in automatic lens SMC PENTAX AF 28-200 mm zoom, camera in hand with moving vehicle, making 30 shots in sequence, covering the way the two power lines.

Date; ; 21/01/2011 14:09:52”
          Cámara:                           Pentax K7
          Optic: Pentax SMC AF 28-200 mm
Focal Distance: : 28 mm (horizontal angle) diaphragm
: ;
f/11 mm holes: 1 /500”
          Sensibilidad:                  ISO 200
          Compensación:             +0.5


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