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January 30, 2011
Daniel Postizzi

This last Sunday of January , 2011, work in the Aero Club La Plata, early on, in waking and photographic records of traffic in the air corridor directly above the Aero Club.
There was a storm forecast for last minute pm, but not delivered, only clouded the area and appeared harmless Cumulus Nimbus, preparations and plans were re configured for other working circumstance.

The two photos that appear, are consecutive series of 30 pictures, but only two records, you see this UFO. We assume that accompanied the path of Bus Air passenger plane, remaining at a distance behind levente over 200 meters. That
UFO compared to the average dimensions of this aircraft type, is supposed to have more than 20 meters in diameter if it was round or disk, taking into account the analysis of the two photos, but considering that are within the same window of time of a second. Have seen a conspicuous change in position (not morphology) playing that is spinning on its axis very quickly if we consider also the shutter speed of 1 / 800 "with the Canon EOS 50D

Here's the weird aspect of the analysis is not presented with the settings common factor is a UFO combined or presented in rare conditions, it is basically an area associated with two larger masses linked with what is apparently a strong magnetic field, taking into gives account of the level UV radiation. Another point of view different from the same analysis is that these masses is simply power their propulsion system that heavily ionizing the air and affects the surrounding atmosphere.

are working on a comparison with other photographic records obtained and sent to witness and we're surprised that it is not uncommon for there is at least as antecedent ( 3) similar records but this is the first near an airplane, traveling over 1000 miles per hour at 2500 meters. Message to
Air Force Argentina, this is UFO, to complete the investigation in full in this case, data that will be reserved for publication, but the full reports can be requested by investigators.

A concept already learned in the field of UFO research is that these devices can move smoothly and in all weather conditions and even play in any environment with extremes of temperature, pressure, winds, or even electric shocks storms or under water .... experience and testimony throughout history show us in this way and interpret it well, we regret that the old researchers have not yet noticed his strong details that define the phenomenon as in which not only are
"Unidentified Flying Objects," but present abnormal behavior, when compared to developed humans.
So investigated.



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