Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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hugs Miley Cyrus birthday celebration will be on SNL this Saturday

The former star of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus is currently in New York, for their future participation in the program recognized Saturday Night Live.

Here we leave a promo video of Miles in the program. We can see the full episode Saturday March 5, where we will Miley have a role in "Miley Cyrus Show," part of the program often mocked her. It will also be tomorrow Thursday in the program Jimmy Fallon, which consedera an interesting interview on everything that is said about it lately.

Also, Miley has been in Haiti before heading to New York, doing charity with Starkey Hearing Foundation, working in the process of help deaf children to get the supplies they need .

In 2006 , at 16 years old, Paige Livesay and his parents moved to Haiti to do missionary work in the country problems. work has been exciting and satisfying , and this weeks, the Livesay family teamed with Miley , World Wide Village and the Starkey Hearing Foundation to give the gift of hearing approximately 200 children of Haiti .

According to the Blog Livesays , Miley helped deliver appliances to children in need, Miles also needed a translator local and that's where Paige, who speaks Creole,
entered. [Via JSYK online ]

remember that this is not the first time Miley providing assistance to island people. He was part of the charity single ( We are the World remake and Everybody Hurts ) to help lift Haiti following the devastating earthquake, which raised and donated to that project to the campaign Helping Haiti Disasters Emergency Committee. turn auctioned the dress she wore Grammy last year, to benefit the Red Cross efforts to help Haiti.

EXTRA: We leave the last video of MileyWorld , the official fan club worldwide. Miley asked that the vote for Kids Choice Awards 2011 . What are you waiting for? A vote !


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