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06 / 03 / 2011
Daniel Postizzi

Six days into the month of March 2011, we made a short day vigil at the Aero Club La Plata, given the high recurrence and other records of UFOs in close air as Castelar, by Ricardo Cordeiro, where he could make a comparison with CICOARGENTINA records and confirm the great similarity of form and color with a triangular UFO records. Records obtained
, not enough to be compared, but if it becomes clear how easy it can be captured DIA, without much inconvenience, almost anyone and photographic equipment ... In our case, we raise the quality of equipment because our focus is purely scientific and quality of recording is essential for witness and reference real UFO phenomenon.
Still, there are plenty of detractors who deny this reality, including some foreign journalists who come to give his lectures with a message as an anachronism that is absurd and insulting to those who work seriously on this issue.
photographic materials that would support the investigation of this day was made Aero club in La Plata, just a dozen meters away from the western limit of the head of the longest track, placing the photographic and video equipment at different locations and with simultaneous monitoring of the aircraft at the time of landing.
The Google satellite photo, is clearly the Aero Club La Plata, the point indicated as "B" is normally used when operating in the area, point "A" is the area where work on this case is marked in red the area where the records were relatively close.

Of the hundreds of photos with UFO content is published in this report takes over Top, the first in importance was taken at 13:56:26, "where we clearly see a triangular morphology UFO blunt ends and a slight orange color, here the similarity to previous records, it is surprising the recurrence of UFO type of orange, if we have to take more points in common we moving at low altitude and high speed. The camera shutter is at 1 / 4000, really high and is equal to the adjustment of previous records, the aperture and focal length wide angle, gives a picture with good definition at infinity to have a great depth of field
(everything is in focus) do not speculate with the blur, the UFO well presented, showing that the model is vibrating or spinning on its axis.
color analysis reveals in addition to several power lines to the typical 3 spots or areas. The analysis shows large volume atmospheric distortion perimeter, with a slight trail at the top.

; Date: ; 06/03/2011 13:56:26”
                                Cámara:                           CANON 50D
                                Óptica:                              CANON EF 28-200 mm
, Focal Length: 28 mm
; Diaphragm: F / 3, 5 mm
; Obturación:                      1 / 4000”
                                Sensibilidad:                    ISO 200
                                Compensation: + 0.5

At 15:33:26 "yields multiple records in sequence, only two of them and the same second, a UFO appears ovoid morphology.
Considering the shot from the field, pointing to the west gives the track header, focused and centered the aircraft Piper PA-11 school in his final time to make contact with the track, is clearly a fast UFO crossing the diagonal runway at high speed from right to left. In the second photo, in the same second, we see the UFO and crossed to the other side, covering a distance of over 100 meters ... the plane just 30 meters.
The camera setting on automatic, shutter at 1 / 1500 "with an aperture of F / 8 and 28 mm focal length ensures a panoramic picture, the maximum focal depth and great clarity the details of the infinite. Is remarkable that the propeller of the plane, then "frozen"
color analysis, considering the two photos, showing large release of energy in the UV spectrum with an appendix or dome on top. The extension gives an idea which is the ventral view you want, showing some dark spots, turn volume analysis shows a high contrast pixel showing that the object is solid and producing great disturbance of the surrounding atmosphere.

; Fecha:                              06/03/2011 15:33:26”
                                 Cámara:                           CANON 50D
                                 Óptica:                              CANON EF 28-200 mm
, Focal Length: 28 mm
; Diaphragm: F / 8 mm
; Obturación:                      1 / 1500”
                                 Sensibilidad:                    ISO 200
                                 Compensation: + 0.5

Another sequence gave an extraordinary record capture, show the most outstanding .
Outside the west of the track header, it holds a record in sequence to a school type CESSNA 172 plane, keeping centered and focus on the plane, the focal length of the camera, like the others, in 28 mm panoramic optimal adjustment for a large depth of field and sharp detail to infinity.
A UFO, which can not be define their morphology, but share the day seen in the typical orange color shift and low altitude and high speed. Another common factor that characterizes the phenomenon is a typical inclination of 55 degrees. The analysis shows peripheral disturbance in the atmosphere, but you can define the path.
All photos of the sequence, were the highest-speed shutter 1 / 6000 ", in practice such an image, frozen look guaranteed anything in motion is the evidence of the airplane propeller rotates at that time at 1500 RPM, but still, the UFO is fuzzy but quite in focus at a distance no greater than 100 meters from the plane as calculated by the area known references.

Date: ; 06/03/2011 17:12:36”
                                Cámara:                              CANON 50D
                                Óptica:                                 CANON EF 28-200 mm
, Focal Length: 28 mm
; the diaphragm: ; F / 4 mm
; Obturación: ; 1 / 6000”
                                Sensibilidad:                       ISO 200
                                Compensación:                 + 0.5



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