Saturday, March 26, 2011

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Editorial Note
Daniel Postizzi

For a short time are beginning to use this expression to define a type of UFO unconventional, not only in Argentina. Everyone is wrong to handle this concept and associate it to the UFO phenomenon, perhaps the confusion in our country began with the presentation or conference of some old researcher UFO theme recently updated with your imagination completely disrupted by international political events and I have no doubt that something similar happened in other regions.
For this reason, this report details the basics of drones, so that readers of our blog is to illustrate and understand and differentiate know the truth, where you hear and read.

Actually, the flying monster exists, is a military development and is devoted to international espionage even some of them have operational capabilities of war. United States and other countries developed it and now thousands of them are operating around the globe, linked via sending satellite information pouring into their operational centers, from where they control the entire planet. The concept is basic but efficient vessels are very economical, with an operational capacity of more than 24 hours and cover great distances at high altitudes and absolutely silent. Some of them are totally invisible to radar even difficult to spot by their short size and camouflage paint.
impossible to capture, have a system of self-destruction, when they lose the link to your central control system and their remains would not be anything useful to identify their origin.

Its purpose is basically photography and video live broadcast, with the infrared spectrum management and radio power in all bands, including ability to interfere with radio stations in a timely manner, interfere with military radar or generate virtual signals to deflect missile trajectories tele addressed, among other secret features.

As flying Watch this simplicity, can be deadly and rely on the humor of an idiot pilot operator across the world, in turn directly offended, as it crosses the airspace of any country under the pretext of "anti-terrorist security."
DRONE was developed in Argentina, not only for strength air, also for the Navy and Army, the data are not so secret, the first attempts were made in the CITEFA and shortly afterwards I consign to private companies that took the time and investment in secret, not to be exposed or influenced by the policy for foreign powers. Can still be seen on display at the models of early development, but the writer ignores the current state and progress of the project or if you are operating equipment.
The other truth is that Argentina followed these gifts are, but do not know the source, this does not call them UFOs. We can also realize the recurrence or coincidence of these occurrences connected with defined political events so away but the relationship to give scientific importance, is another of the things that are "there" of which do not have to make reference to UFO research.

Finally, the Internet there are hundreds of photos of Drona such "military", but there are photos of beautiful models, with which published photos that surprise the unwary reader, also include texts which try to relate it to ships alien ... influencing the sensitivity of readers who look to the image come to understand some of the UFO issue without realizing that unscrupulous people will take the hair. These pictures do not publish or reference to not give more space to fake images.



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