Monday, February 28, 2011

Scabies Get Worse When Mites Die

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: a goodbye kiss, "for the cameras?

Confirming or possible romance, this kiss leaves a lot to talk about. Selena Gomez and rumored boyfriend Justin Bieber were seen outside the big party after the Oscars (after-party), hosted by Vanity Fair in this case (there were others), at the Sunset Tower, West Hollywood, Calif..

The couple posed for the cameras on the red carpet after party, enjoyed the benefits of such party (food, gifts, meet other celebrities like Mick Jagger), were reunited with their friends celebrated, but more shocking was when out of the event, took a picture with a fan and kissed : O. With

PopCandies TV we can see that this was so. You can see the video below. What surprised us was that Justin looked at the camera or that he was filming / photographing, as he gave a kiss to her Sele. Perhaps it was to give that talk or give them what they wanted or was just real. What do you think?
We leave an interesting picture of the couple and tender at the after party.


Incidentally, today is the birthday of Justin Bieber, congratulations Justin! 17: Or do not believe it incredible?


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