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Ensenada - Buenos Aires
8, March 2011

At noon on March 8 in the Ensenada area, close to the area of \u200b\u200bAero Club La Plata, get a passing storm with low cloud, thunder and lightning, the occasion was good for photographic record peak, using a high cadence in the log stream and adjusting shutter speed.

CANON Camera hiso focus on the bottom of the cloud, estimated at 400 meters, the lens is set to wide angle and panoramic, to capture a large portion of the sky, the shutter was set at 1 / 4000 "with an aperture to F / 3.5 and an offset of +0.5, for a clear, sharp image with a strong depth of field.
A total of 500 photos taken in various sectors especially in vertical, the following 3 pictures, which samples are consecutive and made the 3 in less than half a second and are part of a sequence of 25 photos. Only in these 3 UFO no content.

When the reader to see the photos immediately associate it with a bird or an insect, I suggest you pay attention to the analysis, it is NOT bug, NOT a bird was not identified, UFO, morphology was controlled by several experts who said they did not correspond to any known insect, let alone a bird, what's interesting is that this UFO crossed at high speed between the first and last record of 150 meters in half a second! Now, it is controversial to some analysts and critics to understand that it will cost UFO, for them, is now available, complete analysis for review.

the main common factor which led me to make the shot:
"There UFOs in areas where thunderstorms develop core"
And are there, not hidden , it's just moving too fast and you need the right equipment to capture them, patience and dedication.
The first photo is really a distorted view, but the image is 100% in focus, but the UFO is out of the clouds, can not be defined morphology, but from there out.
The second image is the most concrete and convincing ... apparently has wings, from my point of view it would gather technical sort of gyroscopic stabilizer and rotating at high speed propulsion and under the seal chamber to ¼-thousandth of a second we showed the frozen image. Color analysis shows that at each end is a sphere and the body is solid, without distinguishing power cores but with a slight atmospheric disturbance in the forward section.
(Taking the picture plane, moving from left to right and from top to bottom)
In the third picture it is evident that retreated back to the stabilizers and now they're really turning a lot faster what the camera can freeze high shutter speed is not motivated, not out of focus, just this moving very fast, while rotating about its longitudinal axis. The lack of detail compared to the immediately preceding picture, suggests this deduction, but even when it all happened in half a second. In local atmospheric measurement, low pressure 1009mb sharply, almost normal on the eve of a storm, but it did not rain all strong, but is equal to other measurements with appearances of UFOs in the photos and no storm. All
a document to comment!

                                Fecha:                            08/03/2011 13:48:26” (A, B, C)
                                Cámara:                         CANON 50D réflex
                                Óptica:                            CANON EF 28-200 mm
, Focal Length: 28 mm wide angle panoramic.
; Diaphragm: F / 3.5 mm
; ; Obturación:                    1 / 4000”
                                Sensibilidad:                 ISO 200
                                Compensación:            + 0,5
                                Ajuste.                             Scheduled and automatic


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