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The second half of March continued to surprise us with very good photographic records in the area of \u200b\u200bAero Club La Plata, a continuation and recurrence of the same morphology, the triangular type abounded. Already
is not a local phenomenon or characteristic of the area, as we have been warning and in spite of the old and archaic UFO researchers, this has to do with aviation activity or rather the air traffic, so much so in the Castel is the researcher and photographer Ricardo Cordeiro with almost daily record of these phenomena in a high traffic area for air to be neighbor to area airports, including civilians and military.
These UFOs are not random, they are simply there and work and dedication to research results in this high level of photographic record in a well-defined if it is nothing "hot" or dramatic, is more interest anyone with a compact digital camera, if it is near these areas or simply located an air corridor, you can get very, very good pictures of UFOs is no longer anyone's priority this resource.
In our case, the line position as researchers scientific, we have some responsibility to work in the records, even more so if the proceeds are published on the blog. The cameras are somewhat more sophisticated and their adjustment, allows a controlled photos of their safety and confidence to know discard what is already known and work just as suspicious or surprising.
Other equipment with us to complement the research, such VLF receiver, which tunes to natural radio waves and then we measure the abnormal distortion, adjustable microwave sensor and IR and UV sensors, as well as meteorological measurements automatically. We warn and make for certain work area, but data and information management is not overturned on this blog.

The Cessna Records
On Saturday March 19, morning little activity took place at the Aero Club Cessna 172 only performed a short local flight and a Piper PA11, operated in a statement new pilot. Analyzed the two photos shown in the foreground, are the Cessna 172 at the time of takeoff, while we were installed in the default lookout.
The aircraft at this time was coming at 80 meters and climb at an approximate speed of 180 kilometers per hour, for our calculations are mere 45 per second.
In the first picture, there is a UFO lenticular morphology, but very bright, in front and below the left wing, shows a small appendage, whose nature is being analyzed so do not give more description, but it is notable that the second UFO photos that turns like a mirror image of the appendix is \u200b\u200bshown from another position.

Now lenticular morphology is more evident and the analysis of IR and UV emission is very strong. The calculations in the second image shows the plane in a small shift to the left in the space of a second, we now see the UFO on the other side, below and behind the left wing which also assume that the UFO was traveling in the opposite direction.

The camera was pre-set and automatic with a sequence of 3 frames per second, shutter speed 1 / 800 "with an aperture setting of F / 5.6 giving an acceptable depth of field on an absolutely clear blue sky. The focal length is 28 mm, wide angle panoramic. This photograph is the one off of LV - FXD.

Register PIPER PA11

From the same position, 37 minutes later than the record of the Cessna, we have one of the many Piper PA11 aircraft takeoffs in a course of instruction. A nearly 4 minutes to noon on this plane is a triangular cross a UFO that was shifted from right to left, passing over the aircraft at that time was to rise to 40 meters on the track at a speed approximately 100 miles per hour.
From the registration point on the plane at this point there are 500 numbers and was applied to 200 mm zoom, depth of field aperture for normal and high shutter speed of 1 / 1500 "such that the propeller is seen frozen. With the same quality, cloudless blue sky, this picture is of great importance for the analysis as the reference point (The plane) coordinated with the camera data and flight gives us very important information.
remains of more clear that NO is a globe, nor bird, nor plane, or space junk ...
Date: 19/03/2011 11:55:55”
                          Cámara:                        CANON 50D
                          Óptica:                           CANON EF 28-200 mm
; Longitude Focal: 200 mm
; Obturación:                   1/1500”
                          Diafragma:                    F/5,6 mm
Sensibilidad: ISO 200
; Compensation: + 0.5


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