Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Vanessa Hudgens shows her tattoos Regis & Kelly!

Vanessa Hudgens make an appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly on Thursday (03 March) in New York. While talking to

hosts Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa , Vanessa showed off his new butterfly tattoo he wears on his neck from the New York Fashion Week.

"I'm very excited about it. I just got it," he said as he showed the tattoo to the hosts.

Vanessa Hudgens arrived at LAX airport in Los Angeles with a feather earring huge on the afternoon of Tuesday (March 1).

actress age 22, will premiere his new film, Beastly in New York this week.

Yesterday, Vanessa was spotted with her best friend Brittany Snow , having lunch together and then went shopping at Bath and Beyond.

Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens: "Be Mine" Beastly New Music Video! Vanessa Hudgens

steals a kiss from Alex Pettyfer in this new video called "Be Mine" Kristina and of the Dolls .

Beastly is a modern version of telling a classic story from the point of view of the Beast, hits theaters this Friday! WHAT DO YOU THINK

Kristina and the Dolls?


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