Saturday, March 26, 2011

Motherhood 2009 Stream

Aero Club in March 2011 La Plata

Sunday, March 12, now in the afternoon with the last rays of light, which gives the characteristic yellow-orange color of the clouds, but the sky is usually clear and blue all afternoon. With the fantastic lighting have preferred for this work, the sun's rays are horizontal section through atmosphere that filters out 100% of UV rays and infrared rays pass free, getting other views on the record with their advantages and the only drawback is that it takes very little ...

Photo analyzed, sought to take the only clouds at the time, and resplendent to be illuminated from below by the sun are two groups of clouds and different distances. To download them and check the contents, there are two UFOs at different heights and proximity, are spherical and bright red tinged by the sun, not the color itself, but are solid with a slight power output and a perimeter Appendix at the top by way of a hat. The photo is in full analysis of research which we have no data but the data attached to the camera setting.
remains of more clear that NO is a globe, nor bird, nor plane, or space junk ...

                          Fecha:                            20/03/2011 19:00:57”
                          Cámara:                         CANON 50D
                          Óptica:                            CANON EF 28-200 mm
; Longitude Focal: 200 mm
; Obturación:                    1/500”
                          Diafragma:                     F / 8 mm
; Sensibilidad: ISO 200
Compensación: + 0.5


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