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UFO in Chapadmalal
Raúl Sokolowski
February 6, 2011

This time, Raul Sokolowski, working as a tourist, got some extraordinary photos of UFOs in Chapadmalal beach, just arriving at three in the afternoon of Feb. 6. Use your camera
PANASOMIC FZ-40 to 12 Mega Pixel in a short sequence of three frames, with the programmed settings and automatic.
In the last frame, is to the right of the image and the background a clear and perfect image of a UFO which was not observed with the naked eye at the time of shooting, of course, the surprise is on the way down to the computer and realize the image content.

photo is displayed with the insertion of an extension, plus 3 software analyzes the image given topic of conversation and discussion, it is evident that UFO and is the only thing that was agreed, but its morphology is so strange that it is difficult to classify, momentarily considered "variable" invisible. The description and interpretation of this image is also difficult to everyone who was at first struck in different ways but the most cheerful is the
"Chori" invariably has altered the atmosphere surrounding a violet fluorescence. Within this, are small black areas, the analysis of these areas appear in different colors, making a natural frequency and invisible to the eye. L Adding to the interpretation of analysis, analysts ventured even the morphology of a cow or the silhouette of a person or an astronaut (it is only the analyst's imagination and does not mean any assertion)
perspective and calculations to define the size and height less than 150 meters away and 20 meters high, with respect to the camera. Clearly, to this date and time, the sun is at its zenith, with vertical illumination, the UFO, no effect of light and shadow, despite being fully illuminated by the sun and its own color and luminosity.

This report is an advance, and use it as a marker of UFO activity in the coast of Argentina, this summer, the final results of the research are being developed, there are more technical data or description.



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