Saturday, February 19, 2011

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"Hold It Against Me video" a success [Britney Spears] + extra info

is definitely back with all the real princess of pop! This past Thursday, February 17, will premiere once and for all, the video for his latest hit "Hold It Against Me ' and has already won first place in the Top 10 Hot Videos MTV. Not only that, it already has over 1 million hits on YouTube , 4,575,377 at this time, to be exact!

still unfinished, his next album Femme Fatale, is without doubt one of the most anticipated for this 2011. Recently, the Brit's manager, Larry Rudolph Mr. , unveiled new interesting details.

" In my opinion, this is your album is one of the strongest . is as out of what has been . is more mature, " told MTV News . " is a dance album, I dont really so, and I estadohablando lot about this with Jonas [Ã…kerlund, director] and we conclude that this really is album Ray of Light Britney Spears. "

Ray Of Light is a of the great albumenes successful pop queen, Madonna , which has a style dance and electronic. Curiously, the same Jonas Akerlund directed the video for the song of the same album name (in 1998).

Br itney enjoy working with Jonas to 'Hold It Against Me ' clip: " She has always been a big fan of him and its nombresiempre has sounded . And has always been something we prevented do , either its availability Osu time, but we were determined really to happen this time "said Rudolph about working with Ã…kerlund for video. " immediately took 20 different ideas who met and discussed her and came alive own. We very excited him. In my opinion is one of the two or three videos of all time . is a departure total deella. is more mature . things are interesting happening there you have to dig hondopara see . "

also Rudolph explained that the environment of this first single and video can be a sign of what is to come in album.
+ If you want a video looks deeper, visit .

On the other hand, in the same interview with MTV, Brit's manager, announced on a new song I already have listed, you may be a second single.

"We a second song that think we launch before the disc out ", joked. " I can not say sure 100 percent , but I think that probably will. We talking about it now and is a monster. really is. "

In turn, one of the producers of Femme Fatale , Dr. Luke , posted on his Twitter a short but important development of a new song, maybe it may be spoken of Rudolph. It's called "Inside Out . They can then listen:


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