Saturday, February 19, 2011

Where Can Genital Warts Appear

"Never Say Never" in Latin America!

Last August, we learned that Justin Bieber was working in a 3-D movie.

What little is known at the time was that the film would be armed based on their personal lives and their live shows.

Some time later, the director announced, Davis Guggenheim , got the project, which seemed in jeopardy.
But fans breathed a sigh of relief when after a few weeks, Jon Chu took the post.

"is a film for fans and a movie for those who do not know.
tell the story of its origin. It's really fascinating and it has to do with
our digital lifestyle of today," Chu told.

To plan for, Bieber scenes of the concert recorded on August 31 at the iconic Madison Square Garden New York.

The film had no title to mid-October, when they finally announced that called "Never Say Never."
few weeks later, saw the first trailer, with interviews with his fans and his family and Justin vintage material.

The February 3, the singer presented the film in New York , and a week later in Los Angeles . And finally, on 11 February was the day of the big U.S. release.

Justin Bieber What do you think about your film? "People did not know I play music since I was born and that was always inside me. This film will show that, I'm not just a product packaged by a seal. It's about living my dream and making music," he said.

And here what everyone has been waiting for release dates in Latin America Argentina

: February 24, 2011
Bolivia: March 24, 2011
Brazil: 25 February
2011 Chile: March 24, 2011
Colombia: March 25, 2011
Ecuador: Unknown
Mexico: March 25, 2011
Panama: March 25, 2011
Peru: March 24, 2011
Venezuela: March 25, 2011
Uruguay: Unknown

you going to see "Never Say Never"?


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