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Can Radiators Adjust Temp

Jorge Newbery
pilots not Know About ...!
February 16, 2011

On Wednesday February 16, 2011, we made a visit to Aeroparque Jorge Newbery in paperwork institutional, given the opportunity to make short takeoffs photographic vigil on the south end of the runway from a standing position from the east to support the horizontal lighting that we had the sun.
seems that two hours is enough to meet interesting material, so much so, by how often the events in this area with high air traffic, all this step by step deeper analysis, but the news still will not be received no other interests in the bow ...

of a total of 1800 photos, taken exclusively for aircraft takeoff sequence mode and high speed shutter were obtained something more than 200 photos in analysis, today show some of these shots, with some particularly interesting, given that the cameras were in a fixed position and invariably pointed to the angle of takeoff, in the narrow range found interesting lighting effects and black spheres moving at high speed, immediately in front of the bow of the aircraft, both commercial lines, like the military.

In the next photo, we see a plane from Argentina Airlines Boeing 737-700 with registration LV - BNS, in the angle of takeoff and just past the 15 meters high. The chamber followed by a sequence of 6 frames per second and 50 frames, high-speed shutter 1 / 1000 "with a 100 mm zoom. The calculation of depth of field for this TV and the distance of 200 meters gives us all into focus with 100 meters ahead and behind the target.
adjustment Therefore, we believe that the photographed, regardless of its exact position is fully in focus, is a bright and shining object (not delete) the sky was absolutely clear, this object is moved further ahead of plane for several seconds and this figure shows one of the most clear and suggestive.
Flashes were not perceived to simple view, but if, when viewed through the camera, a Canon 50D, with high-resolution screen. As the material is in analysis, not shown for the time more data and calculations.

Following a chronological order of the photographic record, we see the image of a military plane taking off Argentina's Navy, at a height of 50 meters from the runway. Bi is a propeller turbo BREECHCRAFT Type B200, registered in 1F-42 patrols.

Registration is at 18:04:50, just 6 minutes after takeoff from Boeing and within filling the same second, 3 frames show the movement of a black sphere that crosses in front of the bow glide slope is estimated very close approximation to a diameter of 100 mm.
software analysis shows that the area is completely opaque, reflect sunlight and produce light and shadow effect, inserted in the expansion is complete removal of visible light color or colors. But in the decomposition into high and low frequency, we see that has a strong UV emission, leaving a trail or wake up, confirmed a thermal disturbance in the atmosphere, while scrolling down.

The continuous recording over several aircraft, only 13 minutes to record with the Navy plane, we now have another Boeing 737-700 with registration LV-CBS Aerolineas Argentina in taking off about 20 meters of the track. Again, see the flash, just viewed through the lens of the camera CANON and here the register, with a few meters apart and completely clear sky, crosses the Little Cloud Shooting (PNF), ahead of Boeing and its accompanying for several seconds, adjusting the same speed.
That we see as a small cloud is actually a flash of energy emitting 100% in Infra Red, the analysis software, is something different from a black dial, but also has volume, others say that this is fully illuminated by the sun, but no effect light and shade, is really light at a frequency not visible.

We have to clarify that it is surprisingly sparsely to register objects with invisible light effect, in fact for that reason are quite invisible and it moves our rational structure, we not only allows this type of records but in our case, it is casuistry, let's look, using techniques Photo experimental data. In this case, as in most made in this blog, try to position ourselves in the workplace in the days and times that we find the sun in a position of low illumination, from 40 ยบ to sunset or from dawn until 20 of the dawn. In these positions, the sun lights horizontally resulting in a very special lighting effect to everything that flies, showing great attention to the effect of light and shade, more advanced on the objects that have a high contrast photograph and leaves mostly dark and black.

All photographic technique used by CICOARGENTINA, is described in the first blog entries. The published material is in research, therefore not advance calculations and records data.



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