Monday, February 21, 2011

Pop Up Table Mechanism

new poster and teaser for 'Hanna' [Saoirse Ronan]

have unveiled new accessories ( stills, videos , poster) of the next film Saoirse Ronan, Hanna . [Bass may view]

In each we see the wild and violent side, characteristic of Hanna.

killer's experiment comes to theaters on April 8 .

In related news, the growing Irish actress, recently won an award IFTA (Irish Film & Television Awards) for Best Actress for The Way Back . Saoirse

shared after delivery following: " The experience making a film is as separate all what happens after . world is a completely different. always ideal for talk to people on the film and explain selo ... but is great get the recognition . I enjoyed working in the movie and I loved everyone who worked in the same. "

Remember, The Way Back , other film projects in Ronan, with the participation of Colin Farrell, a renowned actor.


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