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Chlordiazep And Acetaphetamine

By Daniel Postizzi

On Saturday February 26, take the opportunity to spend 3 hours working in the Aero Club La Plata. With a blue sky and very despajado and from the usual position at the crossroads of tracks will be displayed video camera, camera and some special sensors such as the VLF receiver, especially for recording audio, atmospheric disturbances, though the sky was clear.

The result of the day, left hundreds of photos with UFO content to be analyzed with time, but in this report there is some material obtained in 40 minutes of video and photographic work, aided by the VLF when marked distortion electrostatics.
Forward this report was motivated by the inquiries of the Chief of the aerodrome and its concern to know if that day had photographed something interesting ... given the technical difficulties at that time could not pass anything, but this summary is devoted to the authorities and pilots Aero Club of La Plata, and to complement the interesting conversation that day and I leave my gratitude for the kindness and good treatment towards me and the work done.

The highlight, starts at about 18:02 when the Cessna 172, begins a maneuver instruction from a decrease in young driver, turned to move to the east of the runway heading into the wind. The slow approach at low altitude, allowed to take a very long series of photos, over 50 frames in panorama, in this setting is clearly the trees and power line are along Avenue 74 and passing through the entrance of the Aero Club, the plane now, is over 200 meters vertically below the avenue. A photographic sequence of the UFO takes two coming from the grove of eucalyptus trees, moving to Lake of the power line. The plane now moves at 200 miles per hour but it seems slower because it is taking a turn to your right, these UFOs, the distance difference perspectives and apparently moving faster, thus covering a distance of 400 meters in 2 seconds ... quite faster than the plane ...

The UFO:
triangular morphology and a strong orange color, fully illuminated by the sun, is at each end of a dark finish, the software analysis, showing three areas at each end with a different color. Moves from left to right, showing a plane as a front of attack, causing great peripheral atmospheric distortion, the two sides are back in progress and the profile is shown with an edge marked in different colors. A UFO
square morphology, left triangular UFO with similar color characteristics, this UFO is moving to shift to the right, away from the triangular and this in turn disappear on the right, moving along Avenue 74.

For this sequence and others that are shown are in full research paper, but it shows the characteristics of the camera setting

                                 Fecha:                      27/02/2011 18:04:41” al 42”
                                 Fotos:                       7846 7847 7848
                                 Cámara:                  CANON 50D
                                 Óptica:                     CANON EF 28-200 mm
Focal Length: 60mm
Diafragma:              F/ 11
                                 Obturador:              1/500”
                                 Compensación:     +0,5
                                 Sensitivity: ISO 200
; Adjustment: ; Scheduled automatic, rapid sequence

Continuing the chronological description, within the span of 40 minutes, we are in a sequence of 18 frames, the displacement of a square morphology UFO crossed behind the path of an airplane type Piper PA-11 LV-YPS enrollment was very fast and invisible to the eye, I'm sure the pilot and passenger did not see anything and his flight was normal and calm as all that afternoon.
of the sequence, there are two photos, the most prominent in the moment before crossing and when the UFO is exactly behind the Piper, you insert a larger image and thus, expands the image of the UFO, to verify that NO is a bird and its tail extended upward to the right, is part of the morphology of the UFO. According to the analysis software, it is understood that the UFO move from right to left but also from back to front, the atmospheric distortion that causes the tail gives this interpretation.
color analysis shows a core ring, and turning, high shutter speed, failed to register this core in a position where it is elongated. All hard sequence 3 seconds.

; Fotos:                          8192 8193
                                Fecha:                         27/02/2011 18:15:41”
                                Cámara:                      CANON 50D
                                Optica: CANON EF 28-200 mm
; Focal Length: 70 mm
Diaphragm: F/ 4,5
                                Obturador:                  1/ 2000”
                                Compensación:        +0,5
                                Sensibilidad:             ISO 200
                               Ajuste:                         Scheduled automatic rapid sequence

This time, the camera is pointed at the head of the runway and at an angle of about 45 °, is estimated to be vertical on the Avenue 74 and is clearly cut against the blue sky with few clouds at a large UFO rare morphology as in the three registers photographic seeing, doing or sharp turn at the same time change its morphology by showing a different position each stage of the Giro.

Interesting thing:
This UFO is just above the level that he used the plane Cessna on its way down, toward the head of the track. The camera takes a sequence of 18 frames and only three of them found the UFO, disappearing into the air for the camera as the eye was always invisible. Unable to forward more information to technical description, but all the pictures are clear and eloquent, and the reader can take for now its own conclusion, but they advance, the first thing to check on other than a bird or insect or other phenomenon known. CICOARGENTINA completed the analysis of this entire day and complete the report to be published and also available for researchers interested scientists.

; Photo N º 8288
                                 Fotos:                                8228 8230
                                 Fecha:                              27/02/2011 18:17:05”
                                 Cámara:                           CANON 50D
                                 Óptica:                              CANON EF 28-200 mm
, Focal Length: 32 mm
; Diafragma:                       F/ 3,5
                                 Obturador:                       1/ 2000”
                                 Compensación:               +0,5
                                 Sensibilidad:                   ISO 200
; Adjustment: ; Scheduled automatic, rapid sequence

morphology UFO DVD
The next photo is the most surprising record of late, so close to me.
see in the picture on the SONY TRV 310 camera mounted on a tripod is also unusual in the computer, if an AM / FM SONY, suspended from a tripod, but not a normal radio, has a full radio, called a VLF Very Low Frequency Receiver, this device marks electrostatic disturbances in the atmosphere, when you hear the discharge serves to start shooting the sequences.
On this occasion, was 20 feet from the camera video, when you hear a loud whistle, the first pictures the camera focus at the same time as a reference point in the photo and from there, I saw nothing unusual, until he was down on the computer.

As seen in a small golden disc, perhaps a reflection of the setting sun, yet somewhat transparent because it is part of a tripod leg, as he is crossing. The contrast changes dramatically if it is seen against the leg of the tripod or with the background air. The size corresponds to the perspective, you may be 100 mm in diameter and is crossing between the legs of the tripod. It is not a bug, is a record, it has volume reflects sunlight and the section is on the tripod leg, this will absorb much of the radiation as it has a matte black color (a sticker) Obviously this disc is spinning and I am on the edge of the detection the shutter of 1 / 500 "

Fecha:                            27/02/2011 18:42:04”
                                 Cámara:                         CANON 50D
                                 Optica: CANON EF 28-200 mm
; Focal Length: 200 mm
Diaphragm: F/ 5,6
                                 Obturador:                     1/ 500”
                                 Compensación:             +0,5
                                 Sensibilidad:                  ISO 200
                                 Fit: Scheduled automatic rapid sequence

Daniel Postizzi


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