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Aero Club in March 2011 La Plata

Sunday, March 12, now in the afternoon with the last rays of light, which gives the characteristic yellow-orange color of the clouds, but the sky is usually clear and blue all afternoon. With the fantastic lighting have preferred for this work, the sun's rays are horizontal section through atmosphere that filters out 100% of UV rays and infrared rays pass free, getting other views on the record with their advantages and the only drawback is that it takes very little ...

Photo analyzed, sought to take the only clouds at the time, and resplendent to be illuminated from below by the sun are two groups of clouds and different distances. To download them and check the contents, there are two UFOs at different heights and proximity, are spherical and bright red tinged by the sun, not the color itself, but are solid with a slight power output and a perimeter Appendix at the top by way of a hat. The photo is in full analysis of research which we have no data but the data attached to the camera setting.
remains of more clear that NO is a globe, nor bird, nor plane, or space junk ...

                          Fecha:                            20/03/2011 19:00:57”
                          Cámara:                         CANON 50D
                          Óptica:                            CANON EF 28-200 mm
; Longitude Focal: 200 mm
; Obturación:                    1/500”
                          Diafragma:                     F / 8 mm
; Sensibilidad: ISO 200
Compensación: + 0.5

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The second half of March continued to surprise us with very good photographic records in the area of \u200b\u200bAero Club La Plata, a continuation and recurrence of the same morphology, the triangular type abounded. Already
is not a local phenomenon or characteristic of the area, as we have been warning and in spite of the old and archaic UFO researchers, this has to do with aviation activity or rather the air traffic, so much so in the Castel is the researcher and photographer Ricardo Cordeiro with almost daily record of these phenomena in a high traffic area for air to be neighbor to area airports, including civilians and military.
These UFOs are not random, they are simply there and work and dedication to research results in this high level of photographic record in a well-defined if it is nothing "hot" or dramatic, is more interest anyone with a compact digital camera, if it is near these areas or simply located an air corridor, you can get very, very good pictures of UFOs is no longer anyone's priority this resource.
In our case, the line position as researchers scientific, we have some responsibility to work in the records, even more so if the proceeds are published on the blog. The cameras are somewhat more sophisticated and their adjustment, allows a controlled photos of their safety and confidence to know discard what is already known and work just as suspicious or surprising.
Other equipment with us to complement the research, such VLF receiver, which tunes to natural radio waves and then we measure the abnormal distortion, adjustable microwave sensor and IR and UV sensors, as well as meteorological measurements automatically. We warn and make for certain work area, but data and information management is not overturned on this blog.

The Cessna Records
On Saturday March 19, morning little activity took place at the Aero Club Cessna 172 only performed a short local flight and a Piper PA11, operated in a statement new pilot. Analyzed the two photos shown in the foreground, are the Cessna 172 at the time of takeoff, while we were installed in the default lookout.
The aircraft at this time was coming at 80 meters and climb at an approximate speed of 180 kilometers per hour, for our calculations are mere 45 per second.
In the first picture, there is a UFO lenticular morphology, but very bright, in front and below the left wing, shows a small appendage, whose nature is being analyzed so do not give more description, but it is notable that the second UFO photos that turns like a mirror image of the appendix is \u200b\u200bshown from another position.

Now lenticular morphology is more evident and the analysis of IR and UV emission is very strong. The calculations in the second image shows the plane in a small shift to the left in the space of a second, we now see the UFO on the other side, below and behind the left wing which also assume that the UFO was traveling in the opposite direction.

The camera was pre-set and automatic with a sequence of 3 frames per second, shutter speed 1 / 800 "with an aperture setting of F / 5.6 giving an acceptable depth of field on an absolutely clear blue sky. The focal length is 28 mm, wide angle panoramic. This photograph is the one off of LV - FXD.

Register PIPER PA11

From the same position, 37 minutes later than the record of the Cessna, we have one of the many Piper PA11 aircraft takeoffs in a course of instruction. A nearly 4 minutes to noon on this plane is a triangular cross a UFO that was shifted from right to left, passing over the aircraft at that time was to rise to 40 meters on the track at a speed approximately 100 miles per hour.
From the registration point on the plane at this point there are 500 numbers and was applied to 200 mm zoom, depth of field aperture for normal and high shutter speed of 1 / 1500 "such that the propeller is seen frozen. With the same quality, cloudless blue sky, this picture is of great importance for the analysis as the reference point (The plane) coordinated with the camera data and flight gives us very important information.
remains of more clear that NO is a globe, nor bird, nor plane, or space junk ...
Date: 19/03/2011 11:55:55”
                          Cámara:                        CANON 50D
                          Óptica:                           CANON EF 28-200 mm
; Longitude Focal: 200 mm
; Obturación:                   1/1500”
                          Diafragma:                    F/5,6 mm
Sensibilidad: ISO 200
; Compensation: + 0.5

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Editorial Note
Daniel Postizzi

For a short time are beginning to use this expression to define a type of UFO unconventional, not only in Argentina. Everyone is wrong to handle this concept and associate it to the UFO phenomenon, perhaps the confusion in our country began with the presentation or conference of some old researcher UFO theme recently updated with your imagination completely disrupted by international political events and I have no doubt that something similar happened in other regions.
For this reason, this report details the basics of drones, so that readers of our blog is to illustrate and understand and differentiate know the truth, where you hear and read.

Actually, the flying monster exists, is a military development and is devoted to international espionage even some of them have operational capabilities of war. United States and other countries developed it and now thousands of them are operating around the globe, linked via sending satellite information pouring into their operational centers, from where they control the entire planet. The concept is basic but efficient vessels are very economical, with an operational capacity of more than 24 hours and cover great distances at high altitudes and absolutely silent. Some of them are totally invisible to radar even difficult to spot by their short size and camouflage paint.
impossible to capture, have a system of self-destruction, when they lose the link to your central control system and their remains would not be anything useful to identify their origin.

Its purpose is basically photography and video live broadcast, with the infrared spectrum management and radio power in all bands, including ability to interfere with radio stations in a timely manner, interfere with military radar or generate virtual signals to deflect missile trajectories tele addressed, among other secret features.

As flying Watch this simplicity, can be deadly and rely on the humor of an idiot pilot operator across the world, in turn directly offended, as it crosses the airspace of any country under the pretext of "anti-terrorist security."
DRONE was developed in Argentina, not only for strength air, also for the Navy and Army, the data are not so secret, the first attempts were made in the CITEFA and shortly afterwards I consign to private companies that took the time and investment in secret, not to be exposed or influenced by the policy for foreign powers. Can still be seen on display at the models of early development, but the writer ignores the current state and progress of the project or if you are operating equipment.
The other truth is that Argentina followed these gifts are, but do not know the source, this does not call them UFOs. We can also realize the recurrence or coincidence of these occurrences connected with defined political events so away but the relationship to give scientific importance, is another of the things that are "there" of which do not have to make reference to UFO research.

Finally, the Internet there are hundreds of photos of Drona such "military", but there are photos of beautiful models, with which published photos that surprise the unwary reader, also include texts which try to relate it to ships alien ... influencing the sensitivity of readers who look to the image come to understand some of the UFO issue without realizing that unscrupulous people will take the hair. These pictures do not publish or reference to not give more space to fake images.


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Ensenada - Buenos Aires
8, March 2011

At noon on March 8 in the Ensenada area, close to the area of \u200b\u200bAero Club La Plata, get a passing storm with low cloud, thunder and lightning, the occasion was good for photographic record peak, using a high cadence in the log stream and adjusting shutter speed.

CANON Camera hiso focus on the bottom of the cloud, estimated at 400 meters, the lens is set to wide angle and panoramic, to capture a large portion of the sky, the shutter was set at 1 / 4000 "with an aperture to F / 3.5 and an offset of +0.5, for a clear, sharp image with a strong depth of field.
A total of 500 photos taken in various sectors especially in vertical, the following 3 pictures, which samples are consecutive and made the 3 in less than half a second and are part of a sequence of 25 photos. Only in these 3 UFO no content.

When the reader to see the photos immediately associate it with a bird or an insect, I suggest you pay attention to the analysis, it is NOT bug, NOT a bird was not identified, UFO, morphology was controlled by several experts who said they did not correspond to any known insect, let alone a bird, what's interesting is that this UFO crossed at high speed between the first and last record of 150 meters in half a second! Now, it is controversial to some analysts and critics to understand that it will cost UFO, for them, is now available, complete analysis for review.

the main common factor which led me to make the shot:
"There UFOs in areas where thunderstorms develop core"
And are there, not hidden , it's just moving too fast and you need the right equipment to capture them, patience and dedication.
The first photo is really a distorted view, but the image is 100% in focus, but the UFO is out of the clouds, can not be defined morphology, but from there out.
The second image is the most concrete and convincing ... apparently has wings, from my point of view it would gather technical sort of gyroscopic stabilizer and rotating at high speed propulsion and under the seal chamber to ¼-thousandth of a second we showed the frozen image. Color analysis shows that at each end is a sphere and the body is solid, without distinguishing power cores but with a slight atmospheric disturbance in the forward section.
(Taking the picture plane, moving from left to right and from top to bottom)
In the third picture it is evident that retreated back to the stabilizers and now they're really turning a lot faster what the camera can freeze high shutter speed is not motivated, not out of focus, just this moving very fast, while rotating about its longitudinal axis. The lack of detail compared to the immediately preceding picture, suggests this deduction, but even when it all happened in half a second. In local atmospheric measurement, low pressure 1009mb sharply, almost normal on the eve of a storm, but it did not rain all strong, but is equal to other measurements with appearances of UFOs in the photos and no storm. All
a document to comment!

                                Fecha:                            08/03/2011 13:48:26” (A, B, C)
                                Cámara:                         CANON 50D réflex
                                Óptica:                            CANON EF 28-200 mm
, Focal Length: 28 mm wide angle panoramic.
; Diaphragm: F / 3.5 mm
; ; Obturación:                    1 / 4000”
                                Sensibilidad:                 ISO 200
                                Compensación:            + 0,5
                                Ajuste.                             Scheduled and automatic

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06 / 03 / 2011
Daniel Postizzi

Six days into the month of March 2011, we made a short day vigil at the Aero Club La Plata, given the high recurrence and other records of UFOs in close air as Castelar, by Ricardo Cordeiro, where he could make a comparison with CICOARGENTINA records and confirm the great similarity of form and color with a triangular UFO records. Records obtained
, not enough to be compared, but if it becomes clear how easy it can be captured DIA, without much inconvenience, almost anyone and photographic equipment ... In our case, we raise the quality of equipment because our focus is purely scientific and quality of recording is essential for witness and reference real UFO phenomenon.
Still, there are plenty of detractors who deny this reality, including some foreign journalists who come to give his lectures with a message as an anachronism that is absurd and insulting to those who work seriously on this issue.
photographic materials that would support the investigation of this day was made Aero club in La Plata, just a dozen meters away from the western limit of the head of the longest track, placing the photographic and video equipment at different locations and with simultaneous monitoring of the aircraft at the time of landing.
The Google satellite photo, is clearly the Aero Club La Plata, the point indicated as "B" is normally used when operating in the area, point "A" is the area where work on this case is marked in red the area where the records were relatively close.

Of the hundreds of photos with UFO content is published in this report takes over Top, the first in importance was taken at 13:56:26, "where we clearly see a triangular morphology UFO blunt ends and a slight orange color, here the similarity to previous records, it is surprising the recurrence of UFO type of orange, if we have to take more points in common we moving at low altitude and high speed. The camera shutter is at 1 / 4000, really high and is equal to the adjustment of previous records, the aperture and focal length wide angle, gives a picture with good definition at infinity to have a great depth of field
(everything is in focus) do not speculate with the blur, the UFO well presented, showing that the model is vibrating or spinning on its axis.
color analysis reveals in addition to several power lines to the typical 3 spots or areas. The analysis shows large volume atmospheric distortion perimeter, with a slight trail at the top.

; Date: ; 06/03/2011 13:56:26”
                                Cámara:                           CANON 50D
                                Óptica:                              CANON EF 28-200 mm
, Focal Length: 28 mm
; Diaphragm: F / 3, 5 mm
; Obturación:                      1 / 4000”
                                Sensibilidad:                    ISO 200
                                Compensation: + 0.5

At 15:33:26 "yields multiple records in sequence, only two of them and the same second, a UFO appears ovoid morphology.
Considering the shot from the field, pointing to the west gives the track header, focused and centered the aircraft Piper PA-11 school in his final time to make contact with the track, is clearly a fast UFO crossing the diagonal runway at high speed from right to left. In the second photo, in the same second, we see the UFO and crossed to the other side, covering a distance of over 100 meters ... the plane just 30 meters.
The camera setting on automatic, shutter at 1 / 1500 "with an aperture of F / 8 and 28 mm focal length ensures a panoramic picture, the maximum focal depth and great clarity the details of the infinite. Is remarkable that the propeller of the plane, then "frozen"
color analysis, considering the two photos, showing large release of energy in the UV spectrum with an appendix or dome on top. The extension gives an idea which is the ventral view you want, showing some dark spots, turn volume analysis shows a high contrast pixel showing that the object is solid and producing great disturbance of the surrounding atmosphere.

; Fecha:                              06/03/2011 15:33:26”
                                 Cámara:                           CANON 50D
                                 Óptica:                              CANON EF 28-200 mm
, Focal Length: 28 mm
; Diaphragm: F / 8 mm
; Obturación:                      1 / 1500”
                                 Sensibilidad:                    ISO 200
                                 Compensation: + 0.5

Another sequence gave an extraordinary record capture, show the most outstanding .
Outside the west of the track header, it holds a record in sequence to a school type CESSNA 172 plane, keeping centered and focus on the plane, the focal length of the camera, like the others, in 28 mm panoramic optimal adjustment for a large depth of field and sharp detail to infinity.
A UFO, which can not be define their morphology, but share the day seen in the typical orange color shift and low altitude and high speed. Another common factor that characterizes the phenomenon is a typical inclination of 55 degrees. The analysis shows peripheral disturbance in the atmosphere, but you can define the path.
All photos of the sequence, were the highest-speed shutter 1 / 6000 ", in practice such an image, frozen look guaranteed anything in motion is the evidence of the airplane propeller rotates at that time at 1500 RPM, but still, the UFO is fuzzy but quite in focus at a distance no greater than 100 meters from the plane as calculated by the area known references.

Date: ; 06/03/2011 17:12:36”
                                Cámara:                              CANON 50D
                                Óptica:                                 CANON EF 28-200 mm
, Focal Length: 28 mm
; the diaphragm: ; F / 4 mm
; Obturación: ; 1 / 6000”
                                Sensibilidad:                       ISO 200
                                Compensación:                 + 0.5


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Vanessa Hudgens shows her tattoos Regis & Kelly!

Vanessa Hudgens make an appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly on Thursday (03 March) in New York. While talking to

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Ashley Tisdale arrives at its new penthouse with your puppy in this new clip 'The Fabulous Adventures of Sharpay' .

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

The couple poppy teen, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber , was seen yesterday March 1, the arms while walking.

n17 occasion of the birthday of Justin, the duo stopped at D & G and Louis Vuitton to do some shopping. Without forgetting the food, gave a short time in Pinkberry. Later they were seen going to Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant for that birthday.

In related news, Sel soon be too busy promoting his new single 'Who Says ', which belong to his next album, which does not know the name yet.

Mass promotion for Selena Gomez begins next week. New Site / Youtube / designs and everything and the album Who Says (June 28) [thanks to]

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hugs Miley Cyrus birthday celebration will be on SNL this Saturday

The former star of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus is currently in New York, for their future participation in the program recognized Saturday Night Live.

Here we leave a promo video of Miles in the program. We can see the full episode Saturday March 5, where we will Miley have a role in "Miley Cyrus Show," part of the program often mocked her. It will also be tomorrow Thursday in the program Jimmy Fallon, which consedera an interesting interview on everything that is said about it lately.

Also, Miley has been in Haiti before heading to New York, doing charity with Starkey Hearing Foundation, working in the process of help deaf children to get the supplies they need .

In 2006 , at 16 years old, Paige Livesay and his parents moved to Haiti to do missionary work in the country problems. work has been exciting and satisfying , and this weeks, the Livesay family teamed with Miley , World Wide Village and the Starkey Hearing Foundation to give the gift of hearing approximately 200 children of Haiti .

According to the Blog Livesays , Miley helped deliver appliances to children in need, Miles also needed a translator local and that's where Paige, who speaks Creole,
entered. [Via JSYK online ]

remember that this is not the first time Miley providing assistance to island people. He was part of the charity single ( We are the World remake and Everybody Hurts ) to help lift Haiti following the devastating earthquake, which raised and donated to that project to the campaign Helping Haiti Disasters Emergency Committee. turn auctioned the dress she wore Grammy last year, to benefit the Red Cross efforts to help Haiti.

EXTRA: We leave the last video of MileyWorld , the official fan club worldwide. Miley asked that the vote for Kids Choice Awards 2011 . What are you waiting for? A vote !