Sunday, May 10, 2009

Game Like Porte Royal

LV-BXA (4th part)

The title says it all, "Puro LV - BXA " and we enjoyed before, during, and today the return journey from Bs As, which began with the arrival at Aeroparque type 13 hours , we did Chek in and confirmed to us that our flight would be the AU 2534 from 17.50 pm !

So far so good, we ate at the waterfront and the question that hovered between David, Joseph and Daniel was, which enrolls touch us? we agreed that would be nice to get back at some MD silver, to cap two days of madness in Bs As, but we did not care because and José Daniel debut with the MD and David already had echo, but I wanted other than the registration LV - BHN as had flown in that MD.
Minutes before entering the building, while in the parking lot, made a scientific calculation quite rare, it was that of the 20-odd MD 's Southern that has, in the hangar had in different conditions around 8- MD 's, and knew they were operating the 3 Mexican silver, and the possibilities were taken into account,
platform were the LV - BTW ( metal) and LV - VAG ! and sleeves area was the LV - BHH and the LV - BTI ( metal) it crossed the front hangar area, so we said, well, everything can not be! but the surprise was when we were going for shipment, we come another MD, and stayed to see it, it was the LV - BXA , there was when I told Daniel and David, "that's our plane," just pure hunch !
entered the building at 16.50, shipping would be by gate 7, in that period came LV MD - WGN "Historical " and LV - BDO , but it was a lottery as out 4 flights of AU for the entire country with little difference, once the door 7, is met on 1 st goal, which is the shipment of manga! and so, we hoped a bus, once I start going ruling is planes!
passed by the BHH , nothing! we passed by and nothing BTW! was the VAG and nothing! and then we of walk across the platform at the end, near the T01 and stopped the group from BDO and BXA , we looked at the 3 minute and made him sign that was the LV - the 2534 BXA that went out to Cordova! until today, can not believe it, and going down, started the pictures that illustrate this story!

Daniel in row 14, David and Joseph row 25 row 26, all alone in our places, no one wanted miss the takeoff and landing, video shows off in the top 13 of aeroparque ! Mexico living hell!
BXA The wing is and down the Obelisk and the 9 July!
View from the window and the landscape that we play, and coming out at dusk to dusk Córdoba almost once leveled the plane, we met the 3 on the seat of Daniel to chat and comment on the takeoff and the magnificence that is the MD does not compare! that was the post, as usual, thousands of feet fulfilling the dream of every spotter!
We were served a sandwich toast with the drink you wanted and began the descent! authorized track Córdoba was 36, we entered the highway Córdoba - pillar where it joins the ring be seen clarito from the sky map and the fully illuminated city, was a beautiful feeling to be back home!
4 minutes 37 seconds . I take the plane at the final stage of descent until I turn in the middle of the track to get a platform, on the route we saw from above the roost workshops, the Avellaneda bridge, the plaza in my neighborhood and seemed that I was looking to pass the MD from my backyard! the prison, the court of the Institute, the CPC the z header scored 05 when we played for 36 on a flight to the story, in position 2 of our airport located at BXA , I come down from behind and while taking the picture you saw what David peered into the cockpit door with Daniel , we seek our disastrous baggage, got on the A5 and home!

Thanks Daniel and David for sharing this flight.


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