Sunday, May 24, 2009


CBA! New Airport

The original flight was contained for 20 hours, but arrived at 12 noon, it was very non-spotters got together for an event many of them, and away we went! header 36 and the north wind was ideal to have a little excitement.
and shit that if we had! We kicked the brain MTA Cargo DC10 with this tremendous evening!

I went to the DC10 18hs PP-MTA by shooting into header 36 and from the roof of the traffic is able to obtain a better picture of this historic heaven!
Petete VI baptized.
To my friend Fabian who like the Line jaja

and so was the game, not if someone else DC10 again someday, but we enjoyed it no doubt!

Thanks to all who attended today! Germain, Luis, Ema, Gustavo Enrique with their children and!


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