Saturday, May 30, 2009

Denise Milani Enlargement

Looking to Brazil! MTA Cargo

Displaying pages of Brazil, I meet a lot of news from that country, the only thing you can do is admire in aircraft, and started after us!

the 1st of the 2 Embraer 190 made by the Brazilian government is almost ready to be delivered! acquired in June 2008, the aircraft is configured to transport authorities, and asked the same model as our president to replace the T01.
The Super Tucano number 100! delivered to the Brazilian Air Force.
To commemorate its 40 years, has decided to restore 2 Embraer CBA-123! born in 1985 in collaboration with Military Aircraft Factory, made its maiden flight in 1990 carrying 19 passengers, remember that they went to what's Embraer now and we want them all!
Beautiful colors and a plane that no one dares to bring to our country! Passadero ERJ 145, with new image and plane!
who walks premiering Another plane! Trip, online with ATR 42 and 72 took the 1st Embraer 175, a total of 5!


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