Friday, May 8, 2009

Arcus In Soul Silver Hack

Ezeiza and Aeroparque (3rd part).

Arrival of Lufthansa Cargo MD11F by Ezeiza runway 11.

777-300 Arrival of Air France, note the thin morning fog.
Bright and tail cone of 777 for American , photo of Joseph.
And the picture is David enrollment of 777 in cookies.
Painful see planes SW dismantled, the LV - AHV and LV - AGC former Varig shattered on the floor, the LV - YBS disappeared and the only one that survives is the LV - ZYX .
Ready to be returned, the LV - ZTT without platform titles, alongside the F28 is former American Falcon also dropped.
dismantled Another one is the LV - ZRO ! and also was the LV - ZYG ready to be returned, but without engines.
De ezeiza we went to the airport where , following the report of the 732 of AR were seen in platform, LV - ZYN and LV - ZTE no motors to the bottom and 1 flat ra the LV - ZXB and LV - Zzi .
platform is the LV - ZEC and back to LV - ZZD .

The 4th part of the journey continues with the LV-BXA Austral.


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