Sunday, November 21, 2010

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matías know what ...

so many centuries has been said about this. Many astronomers have wanted to give his theories. For a long time many have spent hours staring at the sky. Saw and was surprised by the changes of the moon. Sometimes big, sometimes small. They say that men spent whole nights watching their weird and quirky devices like the moon, night after night, I decided to change their shape. And men, curious as ever wondered what changed, until a given day, someone said that if the moon was changing as the Earth's shadow. "In the shadow of the earth? He asked all of them. Yes, said this humble man. In the shadow of the earth.
But of course, actually I always had my doubts. Well, almost always because one day I do not know exactly which day, when I was still very young and looked like those curious men to the moon change shape, my father came and told me the truth. So now I tell you what I know: "Night after night, hundreds of small navecitas of many colors with Martians on board, come to the moon to feed and put it so, so, that does not seem fat enters heaven. Well, when you see the small moon, maybe it's because the Martians were to be fed to other moons and forgot about this for a while, but do not worry that it will come back and see the moon grow again. Oh and another thing, when you want to see that this is true, fijate very well because on a clear night you can see the navecitas come again and again to feed this beautiful white moon.

Matías Nahuel Ferreyra


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