Friday, November 19, 2010

Drinking Alchohol Leg Hurts

13, November 2010

An area with high air traffic, in Punta Lara, Boca Area Closed, Municipality of Ensenada, where you work when the river leaves a great beach and we can move to the exit of the Arroyo " Captain "is usually a place with low noise and most of the time is clear and calm. We take time to make short video cameras and watches.
addition to commercial air traffic, this time passing a Cessna 175 of the Aero Club de Ezpeleta with your registration LV-IZE, I accompany with a photographic sequence, this material was controlled in the fall of the PC and finds a UFO moving near the plane's tail Pictured
analyzed, the difference between the tail of the aircraft and the UFO as the result color is noticed that has solid features. 20 photos in sequence in only two can be seen the UFO in the photo was incorporated a preview of the plane where it is plainly identifiable.

Date: 13/11/2010 17:11:12 "
Camera: Pentax K110
Óptica:                            Pentax zoom AF 28-200
D. Focal:                        200 mm
diaphragm: f/11
Obturación: 1 / 800 "
Sensibilidad: ISO 200
EV Compensation: - 0.5

hour and a half later, 18:36:32 "and falling in the afternoon you get a second picture from a photographic sequence carried out a glimmer almost on our vertical, except for this little flash, the results obtained in the photo was completely invisible to our eyes, but immediately we saw on the screen of the Sony.
The analysis after applying various filters, we find a body, apparently solid, emitting its own light, no effect of light and shade, taking into account that at that time the sun still light strongly.
The similarity or comparative morphology defined as a "brick" with tiny little sphere rotating around them.
It is noteworthy that this UFO, captured as a flash, is perfectly centered photo picture, focused at infinity, leaving out of focus to the branches of a tree in the lower left side.

Date: 13/11/2010 18:36:32”
Cámara:                          Sony DSC – W55
D.Focal:                           20 mm
diaphragm: F / 5.2 mm
Obturación: 1 / 250 mm
Sensibilidad: ISO 100
Adjustment: , Automatic


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