Friday, November 19, 2010

Landing Strip Waxing Image

Testing the Panasonic FZ40
With UFOs in the LCA
November 10, 2010 Raul

Sokolowski tested their new camera Panasonic FZ40, incorporating a photo research teams, as evidence of the effort and dedication to the subject of UFO research.
Continuing the observations at the time of sunset and paying attention to the aircraft on its takeoff and landing practices were obtained lots of pictures with invisible spherical UFOs, the particular sensitivity and definition of this chamber to assess the material obtained much easier and with greater confidence quickly defining the nature of the UFO registered.
It also emphasizes the acquisition of a new bank of images for comparison technique, where birds can find of different species and insects, with different focus positions.

In the next photo, you see a kind of invisible sphere, following the flight of a Cessna 175 plane on a training flight, was traveling at 50 meters above and slightly behind the plane.
general is spherical by definition invisible, but the color contrast analysis is a morphology with some small spheres spin spinning rapidly on its periphery, the analysis also mark which is surrounded by an ionized atmosphere in IR energy output. The focal length is equivalent to 200 mm with an iris aperture F / 5.2 mm and shutter speed of 1 / 800 ", therefore from the depth of field calculations for this adjustment of the lens, it is considered that the whole is in focus, but even the high shutter speed allows you to register an object that is rotating on its axis at high speed. No effects of light and shadow attributable to the sun, despite being fully well lit, when compared to the shadow cast by the wing.
This picture is the best in a long sequence of records, where we see the field moving around the plane and holding the same speed, this time we do not identify the plane, but in fact, is the Aero Club La Plata
Date; ; 10/11/2010 5:02:47 p.m. "
Cámara: Panasonic "LUMIX" FZ40 de 14 Mp
L. Focal: ; 200 mm optical zoom position
Diaphragm: F /
5.6 mm holes, 1 / 800 "
sensitivity: ISO 80
Adjustment: , all in automatic programmed


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