Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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Viewed 27 and July 28 in Cordova

In passing by the EAM was Mentor 27-7 wings and fuselage E-007 E-019.

Mentor And the other wings and fuselage E-016 E-017.
R44 Berrini down on the helipad.
in facilities The Mentor was LMAASA Pampa Ensalle center

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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ABSA! Fog and pure

Today came 767F PR-ABB ABSA and leverage with david to go and see off, what we saw:
MD Andes LV-BHF ready to spend the night in Cordoba. output by 36 of the Austral LV-BOH.
output 767F PR-ABB in the top 36 to 21.21hs.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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LAN! Visit to the airfield

In one pass through the airport to see the movement since vs canceled flights and the airport was closed due to fog, I found with:
II Meter LV - WHG Air Services SA Regional
The 2 A320 Lan Argentina LV - BET and LV - BGI along the A318 Lan Chile CC - CVH .
and time domain maximum Lan in Córdoba ! North manga CC - CVH and next the LV - BGI , leaving the LV platform - BET and entering the same the LV - BOI.

Harnessing the cold for the thermal not distort the picture, shown in FMA the T-124.
and TC C130 -56 engine test by the side of the track.
Over it, a platform and continue resting.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pantees Regl Skırt

Alta Gracia.

Visit aeroclub Alta Gracia, a distance of 40 km from our capital, a really intense movement, beginning with the Plan aircraft to fight fire Nation!
PZL DROMADER LV - WPD on alert for fires.
Watcher of the skies, cessna LV - GZX .
The PZL next to Air Tractor LV - WZE .

LV-X-280 Nahuel, a pilot with all the bells and whistles !
LV - OAI doing their take on the airfield .
One of the jewels in the hangars!
Bech King Air LV - BMO .
The Comanche 250 LV - GSG in very good condition.
LV - OIZ reaching airfield.
Des glider club, the Ranquel next to the airplane to tow point.
Cessna of paratroopers flying club , LV - HNS .
Another arrival at the airfield the Cessna 170 LV - FJC .

Monday, July 13, 2009

How To Retie A Moccasin

In passing through the airport.

In one pass through the airport one hour (16.45 to 17.45 hs ) could see much movement, beginning with the platform:

LV Metro - BGR all white platform, it came at 18.18 pm heading to La Rioja .
Meeting 8R-5405 flight from Mza , arrival the LV - BTP Sun at 16.58 pm .
At 17.16 pm was taking off for 18 went to Rosario, 18 minutes at the airport stay nomas!
LV A320 - BRA toward the aeroparque at 17.22 pm .
Departure shooting the 735 LV - AZU of 2-AR 30 hours late.
header 05 with a tailwind came the 735 due to Airpark.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fixing A Tarnished Mirror

A tour of the city! Absa

output from my home in B º Matienzo to bypass , to turn right and you'll with something related with aviation, in a timber have a picture trunk of SW!
Upon entering Av. Air Fza is the Guaraní School NCO.
side is headed by the Lockheed , seen from the route the Guaraní shot T-124.

In platform Lockheed C130 the TC 56 with the bottom of the T124.
TC -56 platform waiting to depart someday.
and past the flying school, the Gloster at the roundabout.
Monument IA 58 by their performance in Malvinas located facing the track EAM.
and if one is given a tour of the 3 rd Army Corps there is a reliquia11
In his time must have flown like the large today lies in the field of military.