Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Expired Chicken Broth?

LAN! Visit to the airfield

In one pass through the airport to see the movement since vs canceled flights and the airport was closed due to fog, I found with:
II Meter LV - WHG Air Services SA Regional
The 2 A320 Lan Argentina LV - BET and LV - BGI along the A318 Lan Chile CC - CVH .
and time domain maximum Lan in Córdoba ! North manga CC - CVH and next the LV - BGI , leaving the LV platform - BET and entering the same the LV - BOI.

Harnessing the cold for the thermal not distort the picture, shown in FMA the T-124.
and TC C130 -56 engine test by the side of the track.
Over it, a platform and continue resting.


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