Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fixing A Tarnished Mirror

A tour of the city! Absa

output from my home in B º Matienzo to bypass , to turn right and you'll with something related with aviation, in a timber have a picture trunk of SW!
Upon entering Av. Air Fza is the Guaraní School NCO.
side is headed by the Lockheed , seen from the route the Guaraní shot T-124.

In platform Lockheed C130 the TC 56 with the bottom of the T124.
TC -56 platform waiting to depart someday.
and past the flying school, the Gloster at the roundabout.
Monument IA 58 by their performance in Malvinas located facing the track EAM.
and if one is given a tour of the 3 rd Army Corps there is a reliquia11
In his time must have flown like the large today lies in the field of military.


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