Sunday, June 14, 2009

What Brand Does Charlie Sheen Bowling Shirt

córdoba again! American B777

This time of day, and almost life complications lack of sunlight, but hey, they left!

Down by 36 at 18.16 pm the PR 767F - ABB of ABSA
Entering the cargo area is not a villa, is the cargo area.
And as usual, if not this close to no good, dedicated to all who were on Saturday !

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Enlarge Maxx Cock Growth

in Córdoba! AR

Well, it started early, since early morning and knew that they had diverted some flights and probably liguemos something in Cordoba, and well, here they are!

N786AN Boeing 777 diverted to Ezeiza American from Miami!
In platform ready to go back to Ezeiza.
Commissioning is incredibly big silver bird!
street Departure running head towards 36.
Face to face, the Andes MD83 taxiing hoping to accelerate the 777.
Second visitor! from boarding the airport on the 2nd floor, rare position of B747-400 LV-BBU platform.
now at ground level, the LV-BBU arrived from Madrid and hopes to go out ezeiza since he won the hours for the crew.

Located at the head 36 to the left for ezeiza 15.32.

To complete the day, the video of the launch of the 747 by 36!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

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Boeing 737-700 in Córdoba! ABSA Cargo

While at the airport, from a distance I see a 737 of Airlines, to take a 735, but had no flight at that time, I said, if it lands and I feel it accelerates again, is because it is a 737-700! and it was! in the second run I was there at the head 36 to confirm.

Here is the bastard, LV - BYY with paint smell due to the 36!
Another of the past, and together with Luis quiñones !

Photo of Luis Quinones, 36 corner header 05.
and since we were , we stayed to see if those chances are met charter flight from Brazil !
the evening was made at the airport and cold began to tighten, finally canceled the flight! but I care if I saw the 737-700!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

How To Remove A Herpe

in Córdoba!

So it all started, after 14 hours began to come to a meeting to talk a little about airplanes and take advantage of what many of us to long since we saw !

Hernan , Joseph, David, Daniel , Luis Gustavo and down with their children and Gerardo , the group gathered on the terrace of the station , head Haha 36 05 corner
Louis and Gerardo escrachar the A319 Lan!
We were so poor! Metro ready to shoot the LV - WTE !
sunlight is finished and started the ice age! and 767 did not appear !

19.08 Until we saw the show and the head 36 is to say, really stressed share the moment with these, as it is unforgettable!

Back the MD of Southern that took the applause, how beautiful the NOCHEEE !
Luis from the terrace before they entered the park the ship, what colors!
And so farewell, we not pass up a visit to the area, just in case, by luck, by the award, dedicated to the present! the PR - ABB.