Sunday, June 7, 2009

Are Kidney Or Gallstones More Painful

Boeing 737-700 in Córdoba! ABSA Cargo

While at the airport, from a distance I see a 737 of Airlines, to take a 735, but had no flight at that time, I said, if it lands and I feel it accelerates again, is because it is a 737-700! and it was! in the second run I was there at the head 36 to confirm.

Here is the bastard, LV - BYY with paint smell due to the 36!
Another of the past, and together with Luis quiñones !

Photo of Luis Quinones, 36 corner header 05.
and since we were , we stayed to see if those chances are met charter flight from Brazil !
the evening was made at the airport and cold began to tighten, finally canceled the flight! but I care if I saw the 737-700!


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