Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tom Delonge Sleeve Tattoo

More than seen in the EAM.

follow the tour of the facilities of the EAM the 17 / 9!

Face to Face with Brazilian Tucano .

Bell Arrival of the Police of the Province of EAM.

The only thing that came to putting a face to the people was Malattini , and did not disappoint!
Hangar 5 was seen: Piper Seneca PG -321.
Cessna 182 -363 PG.
Cessna 182 -348 PG.
Aero Boero tug PG -451.
Ranquel -424 PG in 4 of the glider hangar.
Another Ranquel tug, the PG -423.
View gliders in the hangar.
and a stash costadito of the gliders the great army Merlin AE -179.


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