Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Deposit Check Into Wachovia

Coronel Olmedo. Cargo DC10

On Saturday, August 9, were among a group of visiting spotters Coronel Olmedo airfield facilities in we were very well received by its members and gave us a free hand to photography, with a wonderful day and a significant amount aircraft, we see some of them!

Piper Arrow II LV-LXW.
Cessna 182 LV-HEH.
LV-RUO Luscombe metallic spectacular!
Cepac Cessna LV-GPW.
Plane hijacked in police procedures.
Another abducted by the police.
AeroBoero of Police of the province LQ-WFJ. Thanks Eduardo for shared chat!
PA-11 LV-ZCZ belonging to the airfield.
PA-28 LV-owned WTO rising wing flight school.
A true gem, the LV-X328 Tiger Moth Mr Papini.

Lodestar LV-BYV in perfect condition, really beautiful.
Cessna 170 LV-FDY.
Apus II LV-X217 in the hangar.
the LV-AZZ Arriving with some very nice lines.
AeroBoero the Aeroclub which we made low-altitude to photograph, the LV-LEO, thanked the staff of the airfield that we deal in a special way invited to return whenever you want, we flying club page and thanks!



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