Friday, October 2, 2009

Febreze Plug Ins Cause Fire?

Spotter Group Córdoba!

In the province of Cordoba there are many aviation enthusiasts and photography, therefore, José Soria ( and Germain Rosada ( decided to form the Group Spotter Cordoba it aims to bring together these "aerotrastornados" more direct background as a group have been taking place with monthly visits to the various flying clubs and aviation events conducted in the province, where an initial squad of 14 aeroestusiastas has demonstrated the willingness and excellent arrangements for the outputs that have been given, to name just a few, we can mention the visits to the flying clubs Juarez Celman, Alta Gracia, the Festival of Aeroclub Rio Tercero, visit the Patroille de France, among others.
Thus the "GSC" (Spotter Group Córdoba) is born and begins a new era perhaps more united as a group with future visits to various events and institutions, including the Aero Club Coronel Olmedo, San Francisco, the Aero Sport Paraná 2009, Ezeiza, even if everything is possible, a delegation will be traveling to FIDAE 2010!

Under the rule of may be watching and enjoying with us the various activities of the group and future plans, news, history, days of spotting, etc.
Already it is reported that is suspended and only the single post for information on upcoming events, sending them directly to all of you to the site "GSC"